About Us

Sweethomeadvisor.com is a website regarding providing valuable, authentic, informative information about the water heater, water filter, and their various brands, accessories, and so on. We always try to inform you how to make your daily life very comfortable. I am a passionate lover of home decorative all equipment that makes your home really “a home sweet home”.

Literally, perfectly picking up your home decorative equipment and appliances make your daily life ese and peaceful. After returning from your long day work, completing your grueling hard tasks everyday from your workplace, when you enter your home, whatever it’s standard-gorgeous or simple or tiny that does not really make any sense.

What could a perfect home render you at the end of the day? It must provide you a feeling of relaxation, comfort, “a feeling of owning that’s” an abstract feeling, very difficult to explain, indeed.

Personally, I have competed my diploma in Applied Thermal Engineering. During my diploma tenure I had to complete several assignment projects about thermal heating system and it’s applied implication in domestic use.

There is statistical data of the electric consumption which is ranging from 18-20% of your total monthly electric bill due to usage of water heater to make your home comfortable and at least livable, especially in North American territorial countries like USA, Canada and Mexico. Here is the point of my passion-how can we reduce this huge monthly cost by perfectly picking up products .

Your continuous engagement and support will surely make me inspire and encourage you to step forward to making your home a sweet one ever. HOME SWEET HOME!