Best Electric Tankless Water Heater for This Winter

In the USA, there are 127.59 million homeowners that mean, a significant portion of water heater possessors is contributing to the 9 million water heater sale per year. Huge demands are there.

To content this large crowd, several forms of Water Heater Company exist there and come in a tempting offer to grab valuable consumer. On that promotional procedure, they used to offer two types of water heater.

One is on-demand water heater which is also called, as tankless heater; another is stored water heater, means: it comes with the tank facility. And the interesting fact about those two heaters is consumer demand.

On that fact, the electric tankless water heater has won the customer heart and demand also. As the requirements are getting higher, choosing the best electric tankless water heater becomes tougher for consumers. That’s why; we have architecture a journey to help you to get the best deal within your demand.

But one important message we don’t want you to miss and that is- for which reason people are driving to the tankless water heater?- A common question that everyone asked, by answering that question through an advantage session will boost up your buying cycle more strongly. So let’s jump into that without any delay:

Advantage of tankless water heater:

Traffics are moving toward tankless water for efficiency, that’s the main advantage. Apart from that, there are so many facilities, for instance: easy setup, less space needed, on demand hot water supply and more.

Top 10 Electric tankless water heaters

Earlier, we have warmed you up for a spicy journey regarding electric tankless water heater review journey, and here are the tour begins:

1. Ecosmart eco 240v electric tankless water heater

At the beginning of our review session, we would like to introduce with you a super electric hot water tanker which comes in various benefits for every kind of user. Especially for the Northern side of USA people, they face the ultimate cold, for them, it’s essential to keep a continuous warm water flow. Maybe that’s why Eco Smart introduces the following features:

  • This on-demand water heater can produce 3.5-gallon water in each minute when the temperature is too cold.
  • On that perspective, it can supply warm water toward a pair of the shower at a time without running out water.
  • Apart from the Northern side, the water heater can ensure 6 gallons of hot water per minute for performing four showers at a time.
  • Moreover, the supply power of this water heater can satisfy the demand for Jacuzzi or a big tube.
  • As well as being modern technology, it permits the user to set their average temperature.
  • To perform the machine’s duty, users have to provide 150 amp breaker and 4 x 8 AWG wire facility.
  • The heater also has many options besides those features above, and lucrative design is one of them.
  • Lifetime durability and standing in options create the connection between user and manufacturer stronger.
  • For increasing the long-lasting term, the owner used stainless and copper-based materials.
  • The most extensive thing users consider is electrical efficiency, and Eco smart confirms that up to 50%, which means enormous electricity saves ultimately.
  • Even the machine also avoids the 90% percent of home space for being a small size.

Expert opinion: Though the water heater provides extensive facilities, still there are some issues left for the user, and they are Expensive setup, the fixed electrical environment needed, on demand hot water supply problem, limitation on water flow, This is what: our expert revealed after reviewing the water heater.

Expert solution:

To solve the issues, the expert suggested for having the first tour regarding machinery environment, for example, you will need 40 A breaker and 12 #8 type wire. If it does not exist in the place, then you have to work to make that; otherwise, you won’t get proper hot water supply.

For that reason, you have to take pre-tour. As well as, for lifetime durability, the user needs to install the heater by a professional and licensed plumber.

2. Stiebel Eltron 24 Trend Tempra Tankless Water Heater

Besides Eco Smart, we have picked many options for you among those preferences Stiebel Eltron 24 trend tempra is one of them, cause people choice is a matter of fact, to bring the reasons of people preference our team has found following standard:

  • Most of the user considered energy efficiency, and yes, it met the requirement, which is 15 to 20%, and it is perfect within this range.
  • To ensure that range, manufacturer attached updated intelligent technology with that hi-tech material, and there is a digital water temperature controlling function to allow users to select their expected warm water level.
  • This warm water can serve in two bathrooms at a time in regular weather and one shower in the coldest weather. Remember, supply depends on the size of the heater.
  • One of the crucial factors is the size of a water heater, that’s why experts advice to select according to the water demand of users house.
  • For transacting this device, users’ home has to have 150 amp including two individual DP breaker systems as well as 6 AWG wire.
  • Also needs 208 to 240 volt electrical supply which has minimum 18,000-watt output to make sure unlimited on-demand water supply. Even in 20 to 60 degree Celsius.
  • Apart from those factors, people also consider the flow rate of the water heater, and it is 4.68 GPM. In this electrical appliance.
  • The flow rate depends on the unit strength and variety of temperature between two types of water.
  • In spite of having this versatile quality, it does not charge that much. As a result, 90 % of efficiency is confirmed.
  • With that efficiency, the owner has also approved 7 years leak proof and three years parts replacement warranty.
  • For ensuring that amount of assurance, creators still equipped copper shed element to safeguard copper cylinder.
  • Moreover, the attractive design and low weight enhance the appeal of this microprocessor device.

Expert opinion: After considering the user’s point of view, our team has revealed some common problems in that heater, namely, no heating, blowing off the thermal breaker and continuous heat, though the warm water supply is off.

Expert solution:

Since people are facing the problem regularly, the guru of heater figured some secure troubleshooting options. Here are some of them

a)For no heating: cut out the thermal safety system and beat down the red button, then check YouTube for warm water.

b)Replacement is the best solution for thermal blowing.

c)To solve continuous heating after switching off the tap, you need to check pressure controlling option. If there is any inconsistency, then go for it.

3. Ecosmart eco 27 electric tankless water heater

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Since all the previous water heater were being chosen from a consumers point of view, therefore, we have got Eco smart water heater in our list again, but this time the model is different, This means that you are going to get a unique featured tankless water heater. So, let’s cut the edge:

  • When people decide to buy an electric heater, they want to have the constant on-demand hot water supply, and Eco smart 27 ensures that demand.
  • As well as, the authentic temperature controlling system with self-adjusting power option has enhanced the user experience too.
  • There is also a digital controlling panel to set average temperature, and it is adjusted according to the outside temperature.
  • That’s why; it can support four bathrooms in the regular season and two bathrooms in the coldest season. Notably, this heater can handle a family alone with this ability.
  • With that capability, it can produce 6.5 GPM water flow to satisfy household work in the warm season and 3GPM in the coldest season.
  • Earlier, we have mentioned the self adjustability of that device. Now it’s time tell more brief about that: with that temperature controlling power, it can set itself anywhere ranging 80 to 140 degree F by the help of 1-degree increment facility.
  • However, this device not only amuses your household demand but also saves money and electricity.
  • The surprising fact is that: it can reduce 50% heating expense and home space for being small type.
  • For being small size, manufacturer spice up the design to attract the eyes of the user by adding copper and stainless materials.
  • As a result, durability related issues are solved and efficiency enlarged.
  • To, run the water heater, user house must be equipped with 112 up electrical ampere, 27 KW and 240 volts, (3) 40 DP breaker and (3) 8 AWG wire.

Expert opinion: Most of the user complained to our expert about their huge installation cost and replacement cost as well as costly troubleshooting. By analyzing the questions, our unit has come up with some solutions.

Expert solution:

As they ensured the lifetime warranty, it’s wise to install with professionals in case if you don’t find a pro plumber. Next is their expensive troubleshooting problem which can be solved by calling their helpline, they will assist you without cost.

4. Rheem RTE 13 Electric Tankless Water Heater

This time, at our plate, has a very delicious and different tasted dish for review which has provided by Rheem RTE13 users. To break the user choosing reason, we have found many logical features to share with you, let’s take a look then:

  • Firstly, the water heater can be cut out for any place due to its size and stunning design.
  • Secondly, it can provide instant hot water at user’s faucet because of quick warming up technology.
  • Thirdly, since it has flexible automation, so it knows the amount of energy requirement. As a result, less electrical energy is needed.
  • Fourthly, there is no need for air spacing so that one can set it up at their chosen place.
  • Fifth, the installing process, which is very easy and handy because the manufacturer made it for plug and play, for performing this manufacturer recommends adding half inch compression for better performance.
  • Sixth, there is a temperature controlling board with LED light for keeping the practice handier.
  • Seventh, the water heater can boil 4 gallons in each minute. And perfect for one shower.
  • Eighth, it needs 240 voltage, and 13000 watts to perform its duty.
  • Ninth, since it has Energy star certificate, means a sustainable energy saving options are ensured.
  • Tenth, People finally considered the option of durability, which is confirmed by Reheem with replacement warranty.

Expert opinion: A significant portion of users has complained about the lack of proper GPM supply, which is not as like as their mentioned GPM. Besides that, many of them don’t get adequate heating even in some case it does not activate. To solve that problem, let’s see what our expert says.

Expert solution:

For checking GPA supply, it is wise to take an in-depth tour, and in most case, the manufacturer replaces the heater. Next, to get proper heating water, check the pressure switch, and the same process should be followed if the heater doesn’t activate. Even if it does not work, then we recommend you to contact customer care.

5. Bosch WH27 Tronic Whole House Electric Tankless Water

Another Germen made water heater has exposed by our big head after analyzing customer behavior and their responses. People knocked this product door for covering the whole house in a single hand. Interesting, right?  Actually, it is, let’s see what interesting facts are there waiting:

  • For having the power of controlling a whole house, a water heater needs to be efficient, and Bosch has ranked 97% on that adaptability rating.
  • With that much ability, it can provide 3.3 GPM (flow rated) water even in 55-degree high temperature.
  • Also, it can give an unlimited water supply for a big event at a time without any interruption.
  • During the time of supplying hot water, the water heater considers the outdoor temperature.
  • And the temperature can be adjusted by the user according to their expectancy.
  • Apart from that, the heater is clothed with updated scale resistance, as result rust and corrosion cannot bother the procedure.
  • To continue the process the machine needs 240 volts and 120 amp with (3) 40 amp circuit breaker so that it can support your house as a guardian for ten years at least. That’s what the manufacturer has ensured.
  • In spite of being a guardian of the whole house, it does not take that much space; instead, a little space is enough to perform its duty.
  • The duty of the device has diversity, means; it can serve office, law firm, business firm, residential, etc.
  • Besides everything, the design and look of the machine are very appealing and suits for any house easily. Even the lights of LED indicators are natural to detect from any place.

Expert opinion: For this German breed, a special poll was created by our gurus where they hunted two reports where the user complained regarding delay of heating water and extreme repairing cost. In a nutshell, common issues for all customers, to solve those issues here are the solutions:

Expert solution:

To solve the delay issues, the team recommends you to check the guideline of minimum GPM for starting the heat. If there is any guideline, then it will start according to that, otherwise, it’s better to ask for help from the customer service team. After that, comes the repairing cost, usually professional demands much and the company gives additional facilities if a user installs the machine with the help of an expert.

6. Bosch Electric Tankless Water Heater

The savvy of our team rolled over some exceptional request after the earlier scrutiny, found a unique water heater that universally called “point of use” type, to solve extra load. Primarily, this sort of water heaters are used to cover a minimal area, with that fixed range it can balloon up like a king. This agile king can even save your kingdom with some tremendous capability, want to know what they are? OK:

  • Foremost ability is the power of endless warm water supply in a rooted area; users don’t need to wait for too long even.
  • Quick installation flip-side on the wall is the second option for swaying your kitchen sink, bathrooms.
  • With the result, it takes a little amount of space to do the job, indicates, low maintenance, and easy monitoring of the device.
  • Moreover, this lightweight device has met the efficiency threshold more than it needs, which is almost 98%.
  • For having that much skill, the shopper doesn’t need to include an extra valve to release pressure.
  • Thereupon, buyers, electric bill become less than traditional water heaters.
  •  To raise the level of efficiency, the manufacturer has created the heater scale-free, reason: the water comes according to buyer needs.
  • Nevertheless, the uncompromising life-long durability has also piled up the faith in the next level towards the user.
  • Even the 10- 150 PSI water pressure won the million hearts within this affordable range which ultimately tighten up the faith eventually.
  • To perform, all above the procedure, the heater needs 120 nominal voltage, 3.4kilowat input, 30 DP circuit breakers, 10 AWG sized wire.
  • The most important thing to remember is: the ingredient for running the machine varies in size to size.
  • Another crucial factor is activation flow over which users complain, but the truth behind the rate of flow highly depends on machine capability, for this device, the starting flow rate must be 0.5 GPM.

Expert opinion: Some common problems are being pointed out by the savvy later on the review, namely: water flow related problem. Water temperature is not balanced. To reduce the problem, let’s see what solutions are waiting below?

Expert solution:

Due to plumbing restriction, water flow rate turns down; this is why; a quick check can solve the problem initially. Besides that, there is one more water temperature inconsistency problem that occurs for growing bug inside the faucet or inlet valve deficiency, to solve the issue better to call a plumber.

7. Stiebel Eltron 29 Plus Tempra Tankless Water Heater

When the giant shark of our team is hunting product in accede of consumer view, had found a species from Stiebel Eltron family, and then threw a prediction about a competition among few products which would fuel up our review strength more than before. Eventually, it happened by 29 tempra, this seed of tempra series which come up with some competitive features will say that after completing the following tour:

  • Your whole house or commercial place can depend over this heater safely, cause it is competent for a full family.
  • The on-demand endless hot water supply will continue in warm and cold temperature
  • In the summertime, four bathrooms can be fed without any interruption conversely in winter; two bathrooms can be fed by maintaining the sustainable hot water supply.
  • For this unlimited consistency, 6 GPM flow rate plays a vital role.
  • To provide the flow rate even in 30 to 60 degree Celsius; three major elements work together, namely: Thermostatic temperature controlling, Microprocessor temperature adjustment facility, and self-modulation technology.
  • With the help of that significant component, the device can adjust water heat by measuring outdoor pyrexia so that user could get expected water as their need, even the option for selecting heat range is also installed in that device with a digital temperature display.
  • As the machine needs electricity to execute its job, there is a question about efficiency on electric energy and others. The obvious answer to that question is: “just relax dude” – 15 to 20% electrical efficiency assistance has boosted up the entire efficiency onto 98%,- what else do you need?
  • Being a patrol of your home, 200 amps (service in the whole house), three individual 40 amp circuit breaker, 8 AWG, can logically seek from you. Then, it can activate with 0.77 GPM flow rate.

Expert opinion: Before creating that smooth tour a unique inquiry regarding thermal breaker has found by the sharks, to bite the bullet, hunters have reached in a solution, and it will be described in the expert solution section.

Expert solution:

Most of the thermal breaker fleets due to wire problem or for breaker disability, altering the bugs can fix the problem; otherwise, seek emergency help from a customer support representative.

8. EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater

Both Ecosmart and Stiebel Eltron are contesting to take the lions share from our list, so far, This is what probably had gestured by our research unit previously. Subsequently, in our inventory, Ecosmart ECO 11 appeared with some competitive POU and small home grabbing earmark. Let’s zoom into that:

  • Cracking user’s efficiency related confusion was their foremost priority, especially within budget for a small home.
  • They are unbeaten in breaking the wall by confirming 99% overall efficiency through the patented design.
  • With that great patented design, they also have reduced 60% heating expense. As a result, people can save enough energy.
  • Moreover, their update technology helps a buyer to get endless water even in warm or cold weather.
  • For having 2 GPM, it can feed one shower and two sinks in winter which doubled up in summer.
  • However, this 105 degrees instant heating powered device has digital thermal reading system for allowing the user to vouchsafe control over heat.
  • With that device skill, your small house or a portion can be satisfied without any bug development, and the tank inside is safe from rust and corrosion.
  • Consequently, users are getting a lifetime heater within their expectation with a replacement warranty.
  • To serve all above those services, this little space taker needs 240 volts with three different 40 amps breaker and 6 Copper (gauge) wire including 60 amp total power supply.
  • Then it can easily be installed, by the way, a critical message for all the users. This device has self module system for adjustable thermostat; for that reason, it can set the temperature limit by itself.

Expert opinion: Earlier on the EcoSmart session, most of the buyer complained of costly installation by the professional plumber, over which manufacturer nail down the warranty also. Then, experts went to break the ice between manufacturer and users and come up with the solution below.

Expert solution:

Our expert has found that professional plumbers know the proper installation procedure; as a result, the device is fitted well, if it is mounted by an unprofessional or semi-professional, then the risk of repair and parts replacement peak high. Even in some case, people have to buy a new one for compromising this phase. For saving the sweated money, EcoSmart introduced the step.

9. Atmor Electric Tankless Water Heater

Throughout this review journey, the professional surfed consumer choice and prioritized the best one in this list, but this time a big fish has captured from some exceptional review forums and literally they urged to purchase by the brand new users or old users for its exclusive client grabbing features. Maybe the device will be your best wingman at your home. Without any delay, let’s join the parade to see the reason behind winning critic’s heart.

  • Critics were mentioned primarily few criteria to choose the device, for instance: the grey colored design, for being tiny it’s easy to transport and takes little space to fit.
  • Next, the digital thermal reading system helps to give proper measurement, control over the device.
  • Through that, one can fix temperature by the assist of thermostatic curbing limit technology, ranging from 90 to 135 degree (F) almost.
  • Coupling with that thermostatic controlling range, the flow rate can supply 3.7 GPM water in usual season and 1.9 GPM in the coldest season.
  • For generating the supply, it takes less amount of energy; hence, the electric bill has also ripened into 50% down.
  • Also, the corrosion and rot resistance has incremented the overall efficiency into 95% so that the durability confirms.
  • This long-lasting device needs three individual DP circuit breaker, 240 volts, 75 amps for the entire house, 8 AWG wire to survive as a guardian of the galaxy.

Expert opinion: Since the device has chosen from critic forum, most of the user from that forum knocked for not having on demand water supply, to fix the issues our review team has detected some common reason which will be discussed in expert solution option.

Expert solution:

The problem arises for the blockage of the air intake, awful igniter, for a defiled burner or less gas supply. Therefore it’s good to call e plumber to solve the issue rather than do it by yourself.

10. Hyperikon Tankless Water Heater

Finally, our expert team has come to an end with 11 kW water heater which is used downstairs of our office. Since we have been accustomed to it for five years, deserves to be listed in our review. For pulling this in our list, has to consider some basic features and dibs. Permit us to talk something about our downstairs guardian:

  • Still, we have endless hot water supply without any interruption, to get that expected water, the manufacturer has installed a control panel for adjusting the temperature with touch.
  • With that control board, our users can set 86 to 126 degree (F) temperature. Between that temperature ranges, the heater can produce 0.53 GPM water at least.
  • Moreover, this NFS approved device has the ultimate electric and overall efficiency, reflected at the monthly electric bill. Even it is far lower than our previous electric tank.
  • For serving those supports, this ETL listed machine needs only one 50A type circuit Breakers, 240 volts, and 46 amps electric supply to the house minimum.
  • Also, it can serve you for five years with an unlimited warranty; seriously, we are benefited with that even.

Expert opinion: On that five years journey, we did not face any significant issues, but from another user, we have got a question such as: shutting down during shower. For assisting regarding the problem, the team requests you to check the following criteria:

Expert solution:

From our in-depth research, we have found that the problem usually occurs, when the flow rate of the heater crosses its limit. So check the warranty and then call a plumber to fix the problem. If there is a warranty, the company will fix that.

As soon as the analyst had started to roll over various electric water heaters for paving the way toward another user, disclosed some common problems in the electric water heater. Then, they promptly decided to pass the knowledge regarding those problems and their solution for you. So, let’s check those out:

Some major consideration when buying a Heater

As we promised to take care of your wallet and house smile, had considered various points on user perspective and those points worked like a tonic for us to choose the best heater for review. Now, the teammates are sharing those key points with you: below:

Ultimate efficiency:

On the side of the user point of view, it is an essential matter to consider before buying a heater, chiefly, electrical efficiency, and performance. To understand the effectiveness, go to the product website and check the detail with certification. As well as check the user forum.


Very crucial factor to consider, at the time of buying but the good news is that: manufacturers tend to provide a long time warranty with replacement facility, even in some case, they provide licensed plumber to install the heater.

Decent size selection:

In our review, geniuses have covered numerous water heaters for household, office. Even for point of use, so that you can get the required water heater according to your limit. Thus, it’s essential to determine the total use of the place where the heater will be installed.


As you are spending a significant portion from your wallet, need to check the strength. On that case, many producers ensure at least 5 to 10 years durability, which can be even extended by replacing the part.

Choose the proper fuel type:

Almost every user avoids this fuel selection. As a result, a big portion of money escapes through these loopholes. That’s why selecting proper fuel for the heater is vital. It means, checking the running requirement of the device, in short amount of breaker, voltage, amperes unit, Etc.

By following above, one can easily win the market and keep the family smiling at the time of washing, cleaning, or whatever indeed. Apart from all previous things, people are desperately searching for electric water heater maintenance tips to extend the limit of their device. For satisfying their needs, here we designed a few quick maintenance tips:

Electric water heater maintenance:

  • Always monitor the pressure valve.
  • Keep the tank flushed regularly.
  • Check for leakage or buildup.
  • Try to ensure professional installation and yearly check.

Electric water heater problems

Not only you will get the experience but also can save a lot of money after knowing the reason behind that common problem. And the common problems are:

Building up Mineral Layer: In most of the case, it has seen that water heater has blockage or leakage, and it happens for the mineral stockpile, for this sort of build up magnesium and calcium are largely liable. To avoid that problem, clean up your water heater once a year, then the device will be risk-free.

Overburden of system: Most of the user cannot determine the amount of water they need. Consequently, the heater restarts continuously or shut down. To check the fact if it goes with you too, then observe the consumption rate through that monitoring, definitely, the bug will come up at the end. Therefore, you can proceed for the next step.

Water heater temperature fluctuates randomly: This problem is called as: cold water sandwich which has faced almost every user like previous; to avoid the problem a Recirc loop installation may help the user to get rid of that fluctuation problem.

Exhaust and air supply problem: Usually, these problems arise for the venting and combustion air system reasons. To solve the issue, check the pipe if it is properly attached, after monitoring this, if the problem exists still, then take a look inside the tube for an unwanted guest. Hope it will work

No flaming issues: Another common problem is lack of proper ignition to heat the water. Actually, this form of items shows up when there is an improper gas supply. Fix the gas supply issue; later it will work if the problem still breaths then call a plumber.

Would you think previous knowledge is helpful at least? Type your answer, in the meantime; let’s move in the forefront to see what’s coming next for you? Precisely, an expert buying guide solution for future and existing shopper, so that the next purchase can bring a smile for your home and obviously for your wallet. Want to see? Check it out:

How many times a water heater runs in daily?

Around two to three hours per day.

Do most of the part of a heater exchangeable?

Yes, for that purpose the manufacturer keeps producing extra part also.

Final words

Time to wrap up a long journey; on that trip, our best assets have tried to provide ultimate assist to get you the best electric tankless water heater. We hope this journey makes your buying cycle more comfortable and secure. That’s what we want. If it so, then support us through share so that we can produce more.