Best Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater

On the research of 2017 has found that- The residential sector of the US had used 16% of natural gas, Moreover, there are 64 millions of users of that country still using the natural gas in their home appliances.

And the water heater is one among the appliance over which citizens are largely dependent. Consequently, the demand for a natural gas water heater is high especially the tankless natural gas supported water heater demand has become top notch.

By analyzing that huge demand, our review team has constructed a list of the best natural gas tankless water heater idea for you. To structure that idea, we had to brainstorm over sixty products and their company.

Finally, able to decide top ten products that perfectly suits for you and it will be described below, but, before that, we want to give you a short idea of what this article will speak. So the article will cover:

  • A company overview of the reviewed product.
  • Top ten product reviews.
  • Maintenance guide.
  • Common troubleshooting guide.
  • Buying guide.
  • Question answer.

Company overview:

Rinnai Corporation: The Japanese company who has ranked one in water heater selling position in the US. According to their website, they have installed 2 million water heaters in North America and 30 million in the whole world. For gaining that huge consumer baseline, the company has been struggling from 1920.

Takagi: This is another Japanese brand that had established on 1952 with some unique tankless water heater idea and only produce tankless water heater. Moreover, they consider one of the successful brands to reach consumer heart through their exclusive product and consumer support.

Marey: A Puerto Rico based company that institute in 1955 and successfully serves: North America, Central America, South America and the response of the customer of their product is good. People from Amazon have marked very well, of this company.

Nortiz: From 1951 to 2019 they have been trying to develop user-friendly tankless water and we believe that the Japanese company is finally able to make the consumer-friendly product. At present 20 % of American have faith in this product.

Top ten product reviews:  

In this section, we will review the top ten products which marked 80 to 90 out of 100 from our review team. So let’s take a look of the product without delay.

1. Rinnai ruc98in ultra series natural gas tankless water heater

Alright, when people up for a water heater either for gas or gasless, used to consider many factors but some common aspect everyone evaluates, for example, energy efficiency, price, durability and customer service. By analyzing the common interest, Rinnai made the water heater with these following features:

  • For saving energy and provide enough efficiency, it has the most advanced technology included.
  • With 9.8 GPM it can handle a large family without compromising quality, consequently, the user gets on-demand hot water according to their need.
  • 98 to 140-degree temperature capacity with Energy star certificate encourage users to enjoy their hot water shower.
  • Both gas and gasless options have stretched the user comfort.
  • On that comfort zone manufacturer offers two types of venting ways, namely: PVC and Concentric.
  • Moreover, this indoor installed device uses high-end technology for lowering the NOx emission.
  • However, the user pays a good amount of money to buy a water heater, needs motivation, for that reason, producers offer 12 years of warranty on exchanging the heat, 5 years for mechanical parts and 1-year installation service especially for residential.
  • And the size of the device is 10 x 18.5 x 26 inches, again the weight is 82 pounds.

Expert Opinion: Our experts have detected some headaches of that device by researching customer experience and number one is: expensive installation process but these extra costs result very outstandingly at the end. 

Next issue is OEM type parts inclusion for concentric type venting option which very costly and time worthy cause without that original equipment manufacturer parts, the user will not get proper hot water. So the recommendation is to employ the PVC parts.

Neil opinion of that device:

Neil has been using this device for 4 years and remarked the device as proper for a large family. Though he complained for expensive installation, by the time being, the right installation has finally benefited him.

2. Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater

Next, we are off to introduce with you an amazing Japanese brand that able to attract a huge amount of fan to fill their bucket as their clients and that is none other than T-KJr2-IN-NG Takagi indoor tankless water heater.

Since the device has grabbed the heed, our team buckled up to find the reason, finally, astonished in every step when they revealed the user facilities, for future users here we are detailing some of the fantastic features. 

  • First of all, this little space taker offers forty-gallon water range which regular as the other but more efficient from them.
  • Second of all, Automatic temperature checking system gives you on-demand temperature water whenever you need.
  • Third of all, for protecting users from various type of water pollution and NOx emission, there is a sensor named air-fuel ratio.
  • Also, the 6.6 GPM water providers have some amazing anti-accident features, namely: anti-freezing, voltage breakdown option to protect the device from overvoltage.
  • For protecting users from failure, the device needs four inches iron venting.
  • As well as the device provides a decade of heat exchanging warranty, 5 years of parts replacement warranty.
  • The device measurement is 6.7 x 13.8 x 20.3 inch.

Expert opinion:Our experts have found that most of the user has installed the tank through licensed plumbers by spending a huge amount of money, for ensuring 5 years parts replacement warranty, that’s a really good initiative for increasing employment but the manufacturer could make balance.

Next thing the teammates revealed is lack of taking pressure by the device, in some case user has found that the machine is perfect for two bathroom based house. In total, a 4 member family can perfectly enjoy the device service.

Peter opinion of the device:

Peter and his 5 member family are using this device for 5 years, in fact, they are enjoying Takagi`s service very well without any interruption cause peter installed the device by a professional plumber and gets proper customer service in return.

Which one should you buy Rinnai ruc98in water heater or Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG water heater?

In our opinion, we think Rinnai ruc98in is best. Because it can handle a huge member smoothly better than Takagi, chiefly their customer service report is better than anything.

3. Marey gas 10l digital panel tankless water heater review

What if we call it a fantastic architecture? Sounds good right? Then let us introduce with you a device that supports itself without the help of any sort of electricity. Yes, that is Marey power gas supported water heater, has enough user-friendly scope. To brief the space here we have pointed out some crucial things. Want to check?

  • The automated ignition system indulges the water to be its heat according to user needs.
  • With 3.1 GPM facilities, it provides the fastest heating to warm the water.
  • To serve you on demand hot water, the device uses 2D type cell batteries for going live.
  • This machine also uses two powerful ignition gear which is coupled with ions for sparking the life more comfortable.
  • Along with anti frosty technology are being introduced for keeping water hot during the time of the cold season.
  • Apart from that, the device has a high-end combustion system to save energy in every season.
  • If you want to route hot water to upper flow with lessens water flow then this device is perfect for 8 PSI fire requirement.
  • Most importantly, the device has an eco-friendly NOx emission scheme for saving the environment.
  • As well as, the device has included the ultimate safety protection to stop the flame and other accidental issues.

Expert opinion: Our expert has found space issues on that device, the device needs enough air space so the request for the future buyer is to make sure enough space during the time of mounting the device.

Paul`s opinion of the device: 

A few years back Paul mounted the tank and still enjoying the output chiefly in electric bills and the uses.  So according to Paul “if you want something long-term within your budget then go for Marey power Gas 10L.

4. Rinnai V75iN Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Water Heater

Well, the previous water heaters were almost limited the user experience but this time found a known branded item, is way better than earlier. Obviously, it has sustained the legacy with enhanced consumer accessibility. How? Let’s check it then:

  • Likewise the first one, this V75iN brings a wide ranged user ability with 7.5 GPM
  • With that average GPM, user can avail two or three major purposes at a time.
  • Except for major purpose, the consumer can perform huge household work at a time.
  • During the time of using this device for various purposes, there is a huge chance of casting down NOx, to reduce the throw manufacturer has equipped advanced technology that’s why South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) certification has given to this device producer.
  • Also, the device has monitoring technology which is set up on the machine to notify users about the condition of the machine, through a display bar and the bar is given with all devices.
  • Temperature measurement is one of the parts of earlier said condition, can be set within 98 to 140 degree.
  • Of that fixed temperature measurement and other facilities, it can serve for 10 years that’s what said the manufacturer also provides 5 years parts replacement including labor facilities.
  • Moreover, un-compromised safety features protect users from device damage and household accidents.

Expert opinion: Besides expensive installation, our producers have found 30 seconds delay to produce hot water but this delay results from a comfortable user practice.

Shawn`s opinion of the device: 

Shawn recommends buying a venting kit during the time of installation which does not come in the product so that emission becomes handy.

Which one should you buy Rinnai V75iN Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Water Heater or Marey gas 10l digital panel tankless water heater?

Depends on your need, if you think, have huge households then go for Rinnai V75iN. if a load of your house is not that much then take Marey but we will recommend taking Rinnai.

5. Rinnai V65IN water heater Review

As previous Rinnai water heaters were focusing on large family and commercial based house, the small and medium family owner might be thinking of; Don’t they have a product for us?. Ok, the answer is: Yes. V65iN water has made for small to the medium based family owner. This advanced technology centered water heaters features are:

  • With a well-designed outlook and low space taking the attitude, this device can assure hassle-free performance.
  • For that reason, two heat exchangers are used so that the on-demand supply becomes easier.
  • Not only that, but 6.6 GPM water can be supplied by this device, through the use of 10,000 to 1, 50,000 BTU gas.
  • This machine also provides users proper ignition with the help of 60 HZ voltage range, as a result, the crowd gets 98 to 120-degree temperature control.
  • However, the consumer has great concern on NOx emission, to control that manufacturer have used eco-friendly automation.
  • To assist the technology, the machine has unique safety features for example isolation, pressure fixing, and drain valves are used to troubleshoot and avoid the accident.
  • Moreover, anti-freezing, leak protection, and rust detection facilities are present in all Rinnai devices.
  • The weight of the device is 13.9 x 8.8 x 23.6 inches.
  • Overall, features are ensured for 10 years and 5 years parts replacement warranty. The1 year labor warranty is also included.

Expert opinion: Our expert team has detected 40 seconds delay for preparing hot water through the delay results amazing at the end.

Sarah`s opinion regarding the device:

As a housewife, she has been with this device for 6 years still does not get any trouble from that device, also added that “if you want to increase the temperature above 120 degrees to 140 degrees, you can do that by using an extra add on”

6. Rinnai RL94 Tankless Water Heaters Review

Due to high demand from users, the review team has constrained to put another Rinnai RL94 water heater, especially for a commercial and joint family. With this device future, the user can perform various purposes smoothly at a time. To break the statement, we put some major consideration below:

  • Since it is built for taking huge pressure, GPM is almost 10 which is great.
  • With that GPM six major tasks can be done constantly.
  • For serving the service, 0.4 flow rate it takes.
  • Through an EZ Connecting way, the device joints two lines for major use.
  • There is a high tech controller including a monitoring display for monitoring the machine 24 hours.
  • An adjustable automated temperature controller is also attached with that monitoring board so that the hot water is tolerable.
  • To assist the heat exchanger for adequate hot water, propane and natural gas blends very balance way.
  • The balance could only possible when the BTU stays at 10,300 to 1,99,000 as a result user can fix their expected heat 98 to 140 degree.
  • In spite of using natural energy, it saves 40% of energy.
  • With this 14 x 10 x 23 inches size, saves a decent amount of space of owners.
  • Above all support, users will get for 12 years including 5 years equipment replacement and 1 year labor warranty.
  • Although, the device has well-engineered safety support and easy troubleshooting option.

Expert opinion: A few users said that the machine takes some times to serve hot water, to our review team meanwhile the team has also detected warranty related issues. To know more regarding that to the customer service, they responded very positively to enhance their support.

Seif`s opinion regarding the device:

A growing company Seifs has installed the device 2 years back, according to them “the quality of the product is unbeaten”

Which one you should buy, Rinnai RL94 Tankless Water Heaters or Rinnai V65IN water heater?

In our perspective, RL94 is best to cause with this device you can save a lot of money in the future by investing one time.

7. Takagi T-H3-DV-N Tankless Water Heater

Ok, The phase of seventh calls another Takagi brands which is T-H3-DV-N, seems tough to broach? Definitely, it is for the cold and germ to defeat the tank, cause the tank has built-in power to serve comfort to users and fight against rust and unexpected accident. To serve that, here she offers you her best:

  • The device is best for heavy duty based house and commercial place.
  • To adopt the solid pressure, 10 GPM is equipped.
  • Even it can pass water to 10,000 feet higher place smoothly.
  • As well as, it can be used for various purposes, for example, hydronic heating and radiant flooring system.
  • In addition, the user will get unlimited on-demand hot water whenever they need.
  • For serving the hot water, it uses 19,500 to 199,000 BTU which is enough for boiling.
  • During the time of boiling water huge steams are produced, to remove that from the chamber, the machine uses condensing automation.
  • Besides that, consumers of water heater consider NOx reduction automation, for them, NOx emission safety has confirmed by the producer.
  • The community also checks the safety feature since device used to install inside the house, for the user community- manufacturer provides: anti-leakage protection, anti-frost technology, fine-tune codes, AFR automation for avoiding overheating- in nutshell, well-structured customer service has ensured.

Expert opinion: Amid the survey of our review team, have found poor customer service along with low-quality ignition in some customer case and when the expert communicates with customer representative they responded quickly and then the victim came to us with a smiling face for saying about the uncompromised quality of their product.

Nadira`s opinion regarding this device:

Nadira runs a saloon for 5 years near NY, she equipped the device on her workplace at the beginning, still recommending other entrepreneurs to buy this heater to save upcoming investment.

8. Rinnai RUC98iP Tankless Water heater

Maybe all of you have noticed that a big portion of this review session occupied by 95 years old leader Rinnai. The reason behind allowing a senior citizen is to let the community know why experience rules and to show mass users recommendation, through product features, in order to ensure ROI (return of investment):

  • The propane featured water heater comes in two dibs namely: Concentric and PVC.
  • With those options, the device sends 9.8 GPM on demand hot water.
  • To produce that hot water, maximum 199,000 BTU can be used by the gear.
  • This energy efficient machine has a 95% energy factor to save 30 days bills.
  • Also, it reduces NOx emission through its updated reduction technology.
  • 24 hours machine update can be seen with a display bar even.
  • By this 10 x 18.5x 26 inches lightweight water heater owner can save huge home space.
  • Not only it can save your space but also offers 12 years product warranty including 5 years parts replacement and 1-year labor warranty.

Expert opinion: Well, a teammate has found issues regarding washing machine which has not told on any manual of the company even an absence of that are seen on their website. So, for washing machine user: “Think twice”

Jhon`s opinion regarding the device:

John said that he did not face any sort of problem with the washing machine, though his weapon is updated. So it wise to choose the washing machine which is compatible with the washing machine.

Which one should you buy Rinnai RUC98iP Tankless Water heater or Takagi T-H3-DV-N Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Water Heater?

We will recommend you go for Rinnai cause ultimate comfort and durability defeats Takagi at the end.

9. Rinnai V53e-NG Outdoor Tankless Water Heater review

And for the last time, we are introducing with you a stunning outdoor product of Rinnai V 53e, this V series product considers as the low budget water heater which can handle small homes perfectly. It’s not like that small homeowner will use the machine rather RV owner can use utilize to get appropriate on-demand water supply. For, both RV and small homeowner, her we have structured some features:

  • With 5.3 GPM the device can handle one or two bathrooms at a time.
  • And handle three to 4 kitchen and small uses.
  • To provide the facility the device takes very low space.
  • Besides that, the member of the V series has enough efficiency over energy which is almost 40%
  • Even does not take energy when your uses are off.
  • Moreover, 120-degree preset the temperature of the device can be controlled from 98 to 140 degree.
  • Through that limited heating capacity, the device uses 19,000 to 120,000 BTU.
  • For monitoring the range and capacity, there is a LED screen which serves 24 hours report.
  • Another user considerable factor is the size which is 7.7 x 13.8 x 21 inches.
  • Analyzing overall thing, the user will mark an important thing finally that is: the durability for ensuring that the producer offers 10 years for heat and 5 years for parts replacements warranty, including 1-year labor support.

Expert opinion: Some of the users complained about remote and customer service especially on this device which lately fixed by the mediation of our team.

Sina`s experience of that device:

Sina and her 3 member family are enjoying the Rinnai service for 5 years without interruption and she recommended this as best.

10. Noritz EZTR40NG 40 Tankless Water review

In the final stage, we will review a very unique water heater brand chiefly for their value to the existing consumer. The reputation and review of the product are almost near to Rinnai and Takagi small house type water heater. So the question is: why this specific one is the list? For answering the question lets jump together in deep:

  • The device produces 6.6 GPM water by maintaining 0.5 flow rate.
  • For that flow rate, the gas system range stays 15,000 to 1, 20,000 BTU.
  • Eventually, the user gets on-demand hot water by all of those earlier efforts.
  • Supporting that effort, the device uses less energy which reflects on monthly bills.
  • Even to avoid NOx emission, it has high-end technology.
  • And the updated technology-based water heater size is 27.2 x 18.3 x 9.4
  • With that size, it saves users huge space and tension, how?
  • Rust protector and unexpected accident prevention automation are also introduced on that device.
  • Moreover, the manufacturer of this device offers: 12 years heat transplantation including 5 years parts replacements and 1-year labor support.
  • Also provides propylene emitting pipe with the regular kits for speeding up the warmth exchanger.

Expert opinion: The expert team has found some ignition issues and poor customer service in some case, which is 1%.

Peter opinion regarding the device::

Though Peter faced some issues after the installation of 5 years, then proper consumer support they somehow managed to extend the lifespan about 5 years more.

Which one should you buy Noritz EZTR40NG 40 Tankless Water or Rinnai V53e-NG Outdoor Tankless Water Heater?

Our team recommends you to buy the Rinnai because comparatively, Rinnai will help to save your bills and money.

How to do tankless gas water heater maintenance?

Throughout the review portion, we hope up the best options for you, to keep that option fit and healthy, needs to be taken care properly, only it will possible when the consumer can do proper maintenance.

For all of you here we have constructed a 12 stepped “How to” session”. Before jumping to that area, want to share far-reaching info- a water heater needs to be maintained twice a year- hope you have marked the punch line, right? Let us get into the session:

  • At the beginning of the maintenance, you need to shut down the main switch of the gas.
  • Then, turn off all the three valves so that cold water cannot go to the main heater and hot water cannot come out from the main hater.
  • After that, bring out the purge cable valve fez from all of those three valves very slowly so that skins and equipment are out of risk and be careful on rubber cleaner disc which is the part and parcel of valves to perform duty.
  • Next, you will include three hose pipes inside the valves for flushing out the existing water and scale, by pumping with a sump pump. (Note: consult with product provider for the recommended process of your device.)
  • When you have properly fitted the hose pipe with the valves, open the switches of those valves one by one.
  • Now, take 2.5-gallon white vinegar in a bucket and pump them with sump pump for 45 to 60 minutes. (Note: always use white vinegar since it provides daily drinking and other uses)
  • Afterward, the flushing, turn off the switches of three purge cable valves.
  • Remove all the hose pipes respectively.
  • Reinstate the caps of the purge valves like before.
  • Follow the user manual to start the water heater.
  • Open water tape and check if everything is alright.

And this is how you can successfully perform tankless gas water heater maintenance, by following this way; the user can use a water tank up to 20 years.

How to do gas hot water heater troubleshooting?

In this stage, we will show some simple troubleshooting method that you can do by own, for saving plumber cost and extending water tank lifespan. So things are like:

The scent of gas:  if the scent of gas is felt then immediately shut down the gas valve and wait for a while to light the pilot again. Next, relight the pilot ignition, still if you get the scent, and then call an expert.

When burner does not ignite: On that situation, user can check the thermostat setting according to manual and turn on the burner again, if it fizzles, then contact with customer care representative for support.

When water heater burner does not get a life: Basically it occurs for the improper temperature balance of thermostat; proper temperature balance can save the day.

When there is no hot water for the shortage of gas supply: If the users’ gas supply is not proper according to the machine needs, then the heater will not produce hot water. So check the gas supply at first when the machine stops producing hot water.

Poor water stream for trash: Most of the time, water heater becomes clogged for too much trash, as a result, the user gets a low rate of water flow to their machine. To avoid that, it’s good to flush some water on a regular basis.

Pilot flame related problem: If your machine signals yellow on machine LED, surely the problem is in your pilot light, for solving the problem, we recommend you to call plumber cause many of people fails to troubleshoot which results from a high expense.

Tankless natural gas water heater buying guide

As long as you can not choose the right water heater, you cannot keep alive that device long enough, by applying all above the maintenance and troubleshooting guide. For assisting our valuable reader, the review team frees up their top secret buying tips here:

Analyze the capacity: 

The first tip from our expert is to check the capacity, it means how many users at your house or how many gallons do you need. For example, a 50-gallon water heater is quiet enough for above 5 member family.


Next thing is: check the water heater warranty usually, the manufacturer provides 12 years heat transplantation warranty with 5 years of part replacement and labor facility.

Scale proof technology:

By the improvement of technology, the manufacturer was able to fuse scale proof automation to their device. For this advanced update, the user does not have to think about the build up. So this should be in consideration.

Check the power source:

Some of the users want both electric and gas power sourced water heater, on the other hand, some of the users want to take the only gas source as their scrutiny.  Thus, the expert recommends taking this to your checklist.

Analyze the location water temperature:

There are huge differences in groundwater temperature in the US, so, users have to check their groundwater average temperature before choosing a water heater.

Energy saving technology:

From our expert point of view, present water heater producers are very concern about energy saving facilities as they are also a user of their own water heater. Though there are still some heaters which are not compatible with this technology, that’s why the team prefers to check the technology.

Evaluate the time of heating water:

It’s totally a lie if the water heater promotion says “our water heater will give you instant hot water” because there is no water heart which can serve instant hot water. Every water heater needs time and less time taker device are best, to evaluate the time.

Certification check:

Certificates like NOx emission, Energy Star rate. Reduce stress regarding efficiency.  In fact, it is essential for a consumer to protect their family from pollution and extra monthly bills. Therefore, our recommendation is to check the certification.

Check for accessories:

Quality accessories represent the depth of the water heater. This is what was found by our teammates. So the suggestion is to evaluate the accessories of the water heater for example water heater pan, stands, and blankets.

Home space:

How much space the device takes, is another considering fact. People are moving on to low space taking device day by day, as the house space becomes short.


Finally, it’s time to make a budget for completing the buying cycle, we guess the earlier mentioned factors will help to architecture your budget whatever it is low or high.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What is the average lifespan of a gas water heater?

Ans: Usually, a gas-based water heater lasts eight to twelve years on average. It depends on how you use if it properly is maintained, can be last more than twelve years.

Ques: What is the average gas water heater cost?

Ans: Our team has found $500-$1000 on average installing cost nationally in the US.

Final thoughts from us

Actually, the major focus of our review team is to assist you for choosing the best natural gas tankless water heater, as well as, sharing knowledge regarding maintenance and troubleshooting. If the article helps you at least, that’s our pleasure and we are humbled for your valuable time.