Ultimate Guide to the Best indirect water heater #Best Selling Product On Amazon

“Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.” – Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, M.D. Discoverer of Vitamin C.

Undoubtedly, water flows life. But what about hot water in a colder climate or region? Well, that is something which brings life into a living. So, no argument needed that people need the Best Indirect Water Heater during the cold months of the year. Hence, the needs of the Best indirect hot water heater are on the rise. Unfortunately, many of the end-level users are unaware of the facts hidden as they don’t go through the Best indirect water heater reviews.

Consequently, they fail to select the perfect indirect water heater for them. Based on the ground above, our expert team has sorted nine of the best products. Relevant explanation of the products will help the readers to gather some in-depth ideas.

Top 9 Best indirect water heater reviews

Admittedly, it was a tough task to do reviews. In this process, our team had to research and even discussed the issues with the sellers, manufacturers and first-hand users. At last, they have accumulated the key facts here. Hope the reviews below will be of great help to the potential indirect water heater users.

The reviews are here.

1. Burnham AL35SL Indirect-Fired Water Heater

Highlighted Feature

  • Quick Install.
  • Instant water heating capacity.
  • Unique design.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Energy efficient.

Do you know what is the main fact that cause inconvenience to the users with the indirect water heater? Well, the answer is heat loss. Many of the ordinary indirect water heater users are reluctant to get the service from such heaters. Some of the users opined so during their interview to our research team.

But the experience would be different this time if you install the Burnham AL35SL at home. The indirect water heater comes with several benefits. Moreover, the installation process is also simple. Most of the cases, it takes less time if you have ample space for installation.

The users are also in love with the design of the product. Despite the demands of other types of water heaters, this particular heater has gained a superior position. The manufacturer has increased the heating capacity while the recovery rate is also standard. The inner insulation is also durable, which increases the longevity of the heater.


  • Foam insulation.
  • Easy access to the tank.
  • Simple tank servicing.
  • Suits different types of needs.
  • Low heat loss.
  • Easy indoor installation.


  • Contains only 35-gallon water.
  • Top mounting appears difficult at times.

2. Triangle Tube Indirect 70-Gallons Water Heater

Highlighted Feature

  • Highly efficient.
  • Environment friendly. 

While talking with the users before doing the best indirect water heater reviews, we found some allegations. Most of the users are unhappy with the way of cleaning the indirect water heater. They do not find it suitable to follow conventional cleaning norms. In fact, they lack the time to spend after the heater. This self-cleaning product will remove the troubles of the users.

So, we selected this Triangle Tube SMART80 because of its natural cleaning features. The product comes with a reliable way to keep up to date all the time. Moreover, the manufacturer has used durable steel to ensure the longevity of the heater. Interestingly, the heater is corrosion resistant. As a result, the users get the optimum benefit of their investment.

Therefore, there is less question about the properties of this indirect water heater. Many of the industries are using the device for their regular needs. Besides, the price is also reasonable while the installation is free of hassles.


  • Completely hygienic for the steel.
  • Exclusive design.
  • Ample heat exchange surface area.
  • A tank inside a tank.
  • Superior insulation for durability.
  • Maintenance-free feature.


  • No visible demerits found so far.

3. HTP PH76-60 Phoenix Light Duty Water Heater

Highlighted Feature

  • Light-weight.
  • Eco friendly. 
  • Last longer. 

Energy efficiency is the most critical issue for an indirect water heater. A large number of users have problems with this particular fact. So, when we asked them about the performance, they opined saying that the indirect water heaters need to be energy efficient. Actually, this is not possible for them to get a product at the end of each week.

Considering the ground, we have selected this product. This product provides a 97 percent thermal efficiency. Besides, the manufacturer has used 316L stainless steel. Consequently, the indirect water heater is free of corrosion and will be durable for a long time.

On the other hand, weight is another issue to ponder. When you are getting a heavy-weight indirect water heater, you have to face some untoward issues. Installation is the big problem that people encounter. But with this product, there are no such issues. This is a lightweight device, and you can install it anywhere at home.


  • Eco-friendly indirect water heater.
  • Durable raw material ensures longevity.
  • Three to one turn-down ratio.
  • Moderate fuel consumption.
  • Lightweight heater with leak-proof properties.
  • Energy efficient.


  • Not suitable for commercial purposes.
  • Guaranty of the products varies on purchase.

4. Water Bottle Pump, USB Charging Universal Electric Water Bottle Dispenser 

Highlighted Feature

  • Absolutely safe.
  • High quality construction. 
  • USB powered.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Stainless steel.

Regarding this selection, we thought out of the box. Some of the people love to travel across the world. But at times, they are also in need of some hot waters. So, we planned to deliver a review of any suitable product. Luckily, we found our match. Considering the ground, the manufacturer has brought this particular device. It ensures the delivery of hot water when you are on the go.

Well, you may wonder why we select this water dispenser. Actually, we always try to bring a variation amid the products we review. When you are seeking some traditional indirect water heater, this comparatively tiny device will attract your attention. There are several benefits of using this product.

The device runs with a durable battery that provides a service for over a month. The other important aspect is portability. Carrying the heater is possible to anywhere including in indoor and outdoor environment. Design of the heater allows the users to get water quickly and also effortlessly. There is a special button which can set the limit of water pouring.


  • Suitable for outdoor trips.
  • Simple process to use.
  • Suits everyone including children.
  • The device fits most of the water bottles.
  • Food-grade silicone hose for maintaining hygiene.
  • No smell and toxic element.


  • Battery charging time is more.
  • The press button breaks.

5. ​Rheem Super Efficient Electric Water Heater

Highlighted Feature

  • Superb engineering.
  • User-friendly control Panel. 

The meaning of hot water is different in literal terms. But when you are in a cold-prone area, you can realize the necessity of hot water. So, many of the people love to have a water heater at their homes. But they need to mind some specific issues before making the final choice. Most of the products are not user-friendly.

However, the experience would change while using this particular indirect water heater. The device is almost similar to some hybrid products. The LED panel is the other feature that makes it more attractive. Several valves bring comfort for pouring water while the water inlet is spacious as well.

The heat operating range is around 120 degrees Fahrenheit that ensures fairly well hot water. Moreover, the size and shape of the product is also standard and fits almost everywhere. The stainless steel body is a symbol of durability.


  • Easy installation process.
  • Three types of operation modes.
  • Non-CFC foam insulation.
  • Extended tank life.
  • LED panel under strong protection.
  • Energy-saving product.


  • No customer service available.
  • The compressor makes noise.

6. General Electric Hybrid Water Heater

Highlighted Feature

  • Energy saving. 
  • Pretty easy installation. 
  • Awesome Performance. 

Do you have any idea why people prefer hybrid water heaters? The key reason is the benefits that they derive from the products. The users can enjoy several types of features from the hybrid products. The hybrid products come with an energy efficiency feature while they are also reasonable in price too.

Usually, products from General Electric are always up to the mark. Accordingly, this GEH50DFEJSR hybrid water heater provides the best offer to the users. First of all, you will have a financial benefit alongside comfort. The heater can also supply over 60 gallons of hot water in the very first hour.

Please also note its several operational modes. You can preserve water in a comfortable temperature considering your future needs. Two variable speed fans ensure the water heat pump works all the time smoothly. The filters are removable, and without any stress, the users can do it.


  • Durable indirect water heater.
  • Simple installation process.
  • Highly energy saving.
  • Four operational mode.
  • Vacation setting is an additional feature.
  • 10-year warranty.


  • Warranty is subject to a limitation.
  • Regular maintenance is a trouble.

7. Rheem Marathon Tall Electric Water Heater

Highlighted Feature

  • Very Lightweight. 
  • Easy to clean and install.  
  • Awesome design.

This is the other pick from us that we would like to recommend to our readers and potential users. Despite being a simple product, this is one of the top picks in the market – as per the statements of the sellers. Besides, the water heater is easier to use and maintain. Installation is not a big deal as well.

Many of the users might have a wrong perception about the non-metallic construction. But keep trust on it. It lasts longer than the other usual indirect water heaters. Moreover, being a non-metallic, the product is free from rust and inclement weather. Using a rod in the water tank may contaminate the water. But there are no chances at all here as there is no rod.

At the same time, the tank shape is smart (looks like a bowl). So, there are no standing waters. Always you will get fresh water with heat. The titanium elements and multiple layers are the other features to make you fall in love with it.


  • Durable and lightweight water heater.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • The outer shell resists dents and scratches.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Best suitable for home use.
  • Easy and safe installation.


  • Warranty on tank only, not in accessories.
  • Installation price is a bit costlier.

8. Westinghouse Lifetime Electric Water Heater

Highlighted Feature

  • Easy installation.
  • Highly efficient.
  • Easy to install.

When you are looking for a comprehensive indirect water heater, this is the perfect one. The manufacturer has added some of the vintage features to make the product adorable. This light duty water heater is easy to install at anywhere of your home. The installation costs are also lower.

Since the manufacturer has used stainless steel, the product is durable than the other types of similar items. Besides, the device is highly efficient and takes less time to heat a massive amount of water. If you want to control the temperature, you can easily do that. Many of the mainstream water heaters lack this feature in particular. The adjustable thermostat allows the users to set the temperature in your necessary level, and there would be no overheating.

The potential users would be happy to know that the manufacturer has not compromised with the quality. Despite using the top-grade materials, the price is still reasonable.


  • Durable water heater with a coated tank.
  • Less power consumption.
  • Stainless steel body construction.
  • Easy and simple maintenance.
  • Tank lasts for the lifetime.
  • High recovery rate.


  • The design is a bit inconvenient.
  • The entire unit may leak suddenly.

9. EZ Supreme Tankless Water Heater

Highlighted Feature

  • Advanced technology.

Before starting to market any products, the manufacturer undergoes numerous field tests. There was not an exception for this water heater as well. In fact, the manufacturer wants to provide the best product in every term. So, they have accumulated all the available features in this water heater.

The model is strong and durable and can meet several types of needs of the users. To provide a reliable service, the heater can deliver hot water to four bathrooms altogether. This is a plus for the customers. Design of the product is up to the mark while there is a 100-gallon water storage tank.

Moreover, for the smart design, there are no losses of water while it saves energy as well. Considering all the potential aspects, this would be an excellent buy for the users of cold prone areas.


  • Slim and vintage design.
  • Digital control panel.
  • Sealed joint construction for smooth operation.
  • Safe for home use.
  • No leakage in the tank.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Complicated installation process.
  • Touch control may experience damage.

Best Indirect Hot Water Heater Buying Guide 

A saying goes that ‘All that glitters is not gold.’ Don’t have any idea who said that but this is a very perfect and accurate statement. Usually, indirect water heater manufacturers spend millions of dollars to install a manufacturing plant. They also spend almost the same amount on marketing. Hence, the potential users fall victim of competitive marketing strategies.

They cannot select the right product for them and subconsciously get the faulty junks. As a result, their experience is not up to the mark. But if they are aware of the essential facts and scenarios, they can have the best indirect hot water heater. Moreover, the best indirect hot water heater reviews also will help them.

Based on all the factors, we have selected some specific features that you need to know. Hope, they would help you get your desirable indirect water heater.

Tank capacity 

Most of the cases, the users are in love with the features without considering the tank capacity. As a result, surely they get the best products but need to compromise with the amount of water. In a general sense, a larger tank will hold a more considerable amount of water. So, if you want a consistent service, the tank needs to be larger in size.

Thereby, the indirect water heater experts recommend checking the tank size. The tank should hold at least 50 gallons of water at a time. If you can get a larger one, that is better too.

Energy efficiency matters

Do you want to break into a bank to pay your electricity bill next month? If the answer is a ‘NO,’ you need to find an energy-efficient indirect water heater. Since the water heaters run with electricity, they consume a notable amount of power. At times, you need to keep the heater running for all day. In that case, the bill might get an unusual hike.

But some of the manufacturers take care of the issue. They produce indirect water heaters which consume less power. Before you get a product, check the power consumption capacity. Besides, there are some solar-run water heaters also available. They can reduce energy cost to some extent.

Body construction

Only rust can damage the metal. And waters can contribute significantly to generate the rusts in the body. Unless the materials used in the body is rust-proof, you have to experience the problem. After a specific time, the water heater will fall. You cannot get the right service while the water may also contaminate.

The overall scenario would be unhygienic. But you can prevent all such situations. Select the best indirect water heater that has a durable body construction. The materials should be strong and durable.

Several operational modes

At the same time, the indirect water heater should come with several functional methods. You might need to have water in the evening hours of the day. Or, you may need it in the middle of the night. But heating the water right that moment may also appear inconvenient. The modes will help you in this case.

You can keep the water hot all the time or for a particular time. The usual water heaters do not provide such modern features. Therefore, you need to check the issue before getting the product at home.

Installation process

On the other part, you are to be careful about the installation of the water heater. Some of the heaters are larger in size and shape. Accordingly, the installation process is also complicated. Wait! This is not the end. There are some smaller indirect water heaters available too, which have a complex installation.

The best way is to get some practical knowledge. Complexity is not a big issue here – you will need to spend some additional dollars as well. Therefore, experts recommend checking this particular issue in prior.

Simple maintenance

Moreover, maintenance is another issue to consider before getting the product. The water heater should be placed in the right position for easy maintenance. Cleaning, reinstalling, safety, local building code – all are integrated. So, if the maintenance process is not simpler, you might be in trouble.

Make sure, the device is easy to maintain. Refueling or changing any part is more manageable while you can mount or unmount the product with fewer efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What type of maintenance is better for the best indirect water heater?

A: Majority of the experts suggest for periodic maintenance for the indirect water heater. Of course, you can regularly maintain the product. But in that case, you have to spend a notable amount of time. So, if you can manage time (at least a half-day), you can do it. Or, it is better to have periodic maintenance.

Q: Can I install an industrial-grade for my home?

A: Experts suggest to use the domestic indirect water heaters for home as they consume less energy. There are no specific bars that you cannot use an industrial-grade water heater. But in that case, your energy consumption will take a sharp rise.

Q: What is a tank for a water heater?

A: A tank is a space where the water is stored and heated. Generally, the external portion or shape we see, that is the water tank. This is also familiar as water storage.

Last words

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” This quote from H. Auden is valid to all the aspects. We cannot live without water, and an indirect water heater is an essential tool to live in cold regions. Hope, you are now aware of the merits and demerits of the best indirect water heater.

This indirect water heater reviews above will help you select the best indirect hot water heater for next winter. Chill!