AO Smith 50-gallon Electric Water Heater Review

A water heater is a device that maintains the temperature of water by keeping it heated. There are various processes and technologies used by many modern companies to achieve this goal. As winter is almost on the go, a water heater is a must-have for the house.

During winter, water becomes as cold as ice in places where the temperature goes below minus degree. Other than that, winter-based countries experience such incidents even in seasons other than that. So, it is only clever to install a heater sooner than going showerless for 2-3days.

Among many other companies manufacturing water heaters, AO Smith has been one of the most popular ones. Here are some insights into one of their market hit AO smith 50-gallon electric water heater.

Some Well-Known Features:

AO Smith has furnished this signature water heater with all the modern technologies possible to keep the water heating smooth. It is a 50-gallon signature water heater. So, it can deliver water for 4-5 people in the house. It is safe to say it is a family-size water heater.

  • Once installing this one in the house, your entire family can enjoy a nice relaxing hot water bath in the cold. Even after having the capacity of 50-gallon of water, it can deliver 62-gallon of water in the first hour. It has been possible due to two 4500-watt water heating elements.
  • It is tall and slim in design, so it does not take much space. If you think you cannot install it simply because of having a smaller house, you can get rid of that right now. It has a heat-protective insulator.
  • The electric tank is ceramic protected that increases the water heater life. These are premium heating elements that make the water heater even more worthy. It comes with a temperature controlling thermostat. It assists to maintain the temperature according to preference.
  • AO Smith electric water heater has been engineered with factory-made temperature and pressure valve in it. So, that gives the water heater protection against sudden shutdown or any other malfunction. It also reduces heat loss by the heat trap nipple.

Facilities to Ponder Upon:

Every tools and device have their pros and cons. It is only realistic to go with the one that has more advantages than disadvantages. AO Smith water heater is no exception to that. Their cost-friendly modern technology designed water heater is amazing in every aspect a heater should be.

Here are some of the benefits this 50-gallon signature water heater is offering:

  • The AO Smith 50-gallon water heater has a user-friendly mechanism. Its tall and slim feature. It is what makes it stand out among many other good products. Some people think their house cannot accommodate a water heater only because of its bulkiness.

But AO Smith has done no discrimination in this regard. They have designed the device in a way that everyone can enjoy a hot water shower in their best capabilities. It is also very easy to install. The user can do it all by himself without a plumber cutting a big chunk of money from the pocket.

  • Most of the electric water heaters are very expensive to the effort. It is almost as if those are targeted only for rich people. But this one from AO Smith has helped with cost-cutting while endorsing the most expensive technologies to organize in a heater.
  • Electric water heaters are heavy on the electric bills in general. However, this one has taken care of that as well by its energy-saving mechanism. The structure makes it even more efficient. The sturdy-built device lets the very little amount of heat to escape.
  • The self-controlling thermostat leaves room for the user’s choice of heat. The water will be used for showering and other purposes such as laundry and cleaning. So, maintaining temperature is imperative.
  • It comes with a 6-year AO Smith water heater warranty. So, once getting hands on it, the user may go into hibernation. They come with amazing customer service. Anytime there is a raised complaint about the product, there will be an immediate refund upon reaching for help in those six years.

Some Small Inconvenience:

No device comes without a little bit of defect in them. AO Smith has succeeded in minimizing that type of problem as much as possible. It is safe to say they have built a water heater that is almost out of any cons.

But once in a rare occasion, people may get stuck with some worry. Although those are immediately solved by their splendid customer service and other help, it is better to beware of them, whatsoever.

Since it comes with a tank, the life of the heater is lesser than tankless heaters. Heaters without tanks have a longer life spanning to a minimum of 20 years. So, after buying a tankless one, you can pass a minimum of two decades without bothering about replacement and spending some extra bucks.

Despite coming with a heat resistant tank, the AO Smith 50-gallon electric water heater often fails to heat the water at a fast time. But this is a very subjective complaint very less often heard from the customer. As mentioned before, if you are not happy with the heating, you can get an immediate refund or replacement.

Final Note:

Due to emerging technologies, the markets are bombarded with so many companies offering so many different devices. That being from the water heater to the washing machine and all the other necessary products you need to furnish your home with. 

Even the internet is most often flooded with information that is just too much for oneself. In our busy lives, you do not get much room to go through every online page to research just one product. 

In that case, one information loaded article should be enough to know about something very important such as AO Smith 50-gallon electric water heater. Hopefully, this article has done its job in this regard, and all while acquaint you with the latest knowledge about this amazing device.