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Recently people are on with talking about propane gas tankless water heater. Gas water heaters work just fine by natural gas. But you can also use it to power it up instead of other gases. Comparing with the natural gas tankless water heaters, we find that this sort of water heaters is more efficient, powerful and energy saver. Still, there is a lot of misconception about the appliances it uses. Today, we are going to provide a brief introduction about the appliances to get you out of your confusion.

What is a Propane tankless hot water heater?

We all know water heaters can operate using gas and electricity. But everybody finds that the liquid gas water heater much better. When it comes to gas operated tankless water heater, you can use both gasoline and propane that is a gas at normal room temperature. It produces a lot of energy while burning. It always produces more energy, even burning a little bit compered to that of other gases.

On the other hand, natural gas produces less energy and burns more. Depending on the ground temperature, energy production occurs. But that costs you more. Comparing the two, we find that propane  hot water heater is the best choice for your home.

It saves you 33% more fuel cost and is always safer. Not just that its storage can last for a long time. You need to change the storage of it once in 4 years. But the gas storage needs to be changed within 2 years that saves you money and produces more energy. You will always get all the support from it just like a gas tankless water heater provides.

Types of Tankless water heater

You will find three types of tankless water heater on the market. But first, we should tell you that it is a gas at normal temperature. But compressing it can turn into liquid form. Why this information is important? You will get to know it. Now we are going to talk about the three types of it.

  • Indoor water heater: These types of water heaters require gas to operate. But it comes with some additional risk. You can use this type of water heaters on a professional kitchen or houses having a gas power source. The main benefit of this type is that it burns a little bit of gas. So, it lessens the cost.
  • Outdoor water heater: These types of water heaters are portable. You can use them on RV, campsite or whenever you go on far for a vacation. They are relatively smaller in size, consumes a little bit of required fuel. The hot water production rate is also quite on the lower side. They come with built-in gas storage and ventilation system to ease it up for you. Being smaller in size, mounting them anywhere is a piece of cake.
  • Liquid gas water heater: You need liquid propane to power it up if you pick it up. Mainly manufactured for home, they are safer. Even if there is any leakage, you will be able to find it out easily and stay out of the fire.
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages

When you look for the main advantages of a propane tankless hot water heater, we need to compare it with natural gas tankless water heaters. Here’s what we get to know.

Natural gas burns more and produces quite low energy. Depending on the ground temperature sometimes that much energy is not quite enough. You can get 4-6 gallons per minute using these types of water heaters. On the other hand, propane-fueled tankless water heater burns less and produces more energy. You can get up to 6-7 gallons per minute using it.

Propane tankless heaters are far more reliable compared with the other. It’s reliable and can heat just about any water. But natural gas tankless water heater sometimes require water softener to smoothen the water.

Propane tankless water heater can save you a lot of money. The maintenance cost is quite low and needs to be done once in 3 years.

The main disadvantage of this kind of water heater is that it can raise havoc while caught up in the fire. Need to spend a lot of money for the ventilation.

Some misconceptions about the appliance

You heard it right. There is a lot of misconception about the appliance. Many people think that a natural gas  water heater is much safer and reliable. But that is not right. You can understand after coming all this way. Many also think that those water heaters are too expensive.

That is also not true at all. You can get it within the other  water heater models budget. Some find the venting system on the water heater complex. But no need to worry. Every water heater comes with a venting system. The fact is that maintenance on the  water heater requires professional handling. That’s why it is complex. Propane-fueled water works fine with just about any water. But a popular myth is that it heats well water.

Final Verdict

Sometimes natural gas tankless water heaters are inefficient and cost too much. But recently when propane tankless hot water heater came in the market, people are still confused about one thing only. Is it worth it? Well, even we had this question in our minds and tried to find the answer. We believe that they are worth your money. After reading the brief content, we believe, you think so too. Now, when comparing with the natural gas tankless water heater, we find that it is the best choice in terms of cost and energy savings, performance and efficiency.

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