Gas Vs Electric water-heaters

Gas Vs Electric waters-heaters which one would be the perfect match for you-in our today’s very important discussion regarding water heating system by water heater or geysers (Southern African used term) for domestic use purpose.

In the present age, the heating system has been modernized. The reason why people no longer want to wait unnecessarily to get the water heated using conventional modes. Therefore, in cold climate, they need instant access to warm water. So, they prefer water heaters for immediate action. Besides, modern water heaters come with an association of technology that reduces the heating time.

However, the scenarios take a twisting turn while selecting the perfect water heater. Amid the five types of water heaters, the most popular is the gas vs electric run water-heaters. However, both models have their benefits and demerits. But the mainstream users are in hot water while selecting the opposite piece for their everyday use.

Hence, the explanations here will guide them in the right selection of gas vs electric water-heater.

Comparison of Gas vs Electric Water-Heaters

What is a gas water heater?

A gas water heater is a type of heater that runs on gas. It heats the water using gas by burning fuels and heats the water for use. However, the users need to refuel the gas periodically to get the heat.

What is an electric heater?

An electric water heater basically runs with electricity. There is a resistance coil that is used for heating purposes. The home users need to use a power source to make heater operational. And in case of a power outage, they will not get the warm water.

How to select the best one?

Well, this is quite difficult to select the right water heater. So, a comparative discussion here will provide the readers with an in-depth idea. The comparison begins here.

Overall Performance of Gas Vs Electric Water-Heaters

First of all, before you get a water heater, you must know the performance. Not all the water heaters can perform better in all the season or time. Using an electric heater will stop its operation when there is no power. But a gas heater will continue the performance as long as it has fuel.

Moreover, a gas heater can heat a massive amount of water while the electric heater is unable to perform like it.

Recovery rate

Recovery rate refers to the amount of time it takes to heat water. In this case, a gas heater is skilled. Usually, it takes half an hour to heat 25-gallon tank. However, the recovery rate for an electric water heater is lower. Often time, they take over two hours or more to recover the same amount of water.

So, people who are in a rush to meet their needs with hot water prefer the gas water heater. But if you are patient, slow and steady, you can comply with an electric water heater.

Instant hot water

Using the gas water heater will provide users with access to hot water instantly. The tank can store the water warm inside the body. Of course, you need to use fuel for the instant use of warm water. But with the electric heater, the scenario is opposites.

The users are to warm the water before their use. Since there are no tanks, they start heating the water after getting the power connection. And if there is no power, there is no warm water.

Energy efficiency: Gas vs electric water-heaters

Electric water heater units are energy efficient. Users are to pay the bill only after they use it. In this point of view, many of the users prefer electric water heaters. The efficiency is not up to the mark for the gas water heaters.

To get warm water, the users are to keep heating continually. As a result, they have to consume more fuels which are not economical for many of the households.

Consideration of operational costs: Gas vs electric water-heaters

The cost of operation for an electric water heater is more than a gas heater. In fact, it happens for the maintenance costs of the electric heater. Though they have a longer lifespan, with time, they need several types of maintenance. Besides, they need a specific power outlet for operation.

In this consideration, the gas heaters are less expensive. Gas is always cheaper, and refueling is not a big deal. The installation of the gas water heaters also cost less while they do not need frequent maintenance as well. Thereby, the operational costs are low with gas water heaters.

Environmental impacts

Using a gas water heater casts some detrimental effects on the environment. It uses fuels which have damaging potentials on the environment. So, the experts often recommend skipping such heaters unless there is any shortage of heaters.

The electric heaters have no such issues at all. They run on electricity (though electricity is produced using fossil fuels). So, the end-level users can use electric heaters without causing damage to the environment.

Safety issues

Some of the electric heaters produce radiation. As a result, there are chances of untoward ignition. If the users are unaware of the facts, they can get troubled with an electric water heater.

But the gas water heaters are free of such hazards. Their maintenance is hassle-free. The users are safe. However, accidents may happen with both types of water heaters. It depends on how you use the heater and how much careful you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have four family members, and everyone is busy in the morning. Which is the best option for me?

You can have a gas water heater as it can provide rapid warmness for your use. The gas water heaters take less time to heat the water in a cold climatic condition.

Can I store water on an electric water heater?

Well, this is not possible. There are no such options as they do not come with water storage. But you can store water using a gas water heater.

Do water heaters need repair or any maintenance?

Of course, both types of water heaters need repair and maintenance. When you are using a water heater for a long time, it will decay. So, you have to repair it. In this case, you must seek support from professionals. Besides, you need to maintain the water heater regularly. Cleaning the tanks, or changing the gas etc. are the regular part of maintenance.

Last words

Finally, we have to the concluding statement regarding choosing of decision-gas vs electric water-heaters.  It is evident that the positive aspects of gas water heaters are more. Though the electric water heaters are preferable to certain circumstances, they cannot provide durable performance. However, it is on your consideration – regarding your budget, space at home, and features you prefer.

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