Hot Hot Water: The Electric Water Heater 30-Gallon

Suppose you are looking for a high-efficiency electric water heater 30-gallon. This is the right place for you. This appliance doesn’t need natural gas or propane to function and can provide up to 8 gallons of hot water per hour.

In addition to this, temperature control system automatically keeps the water temperature constant so you do not worry about fluctuations. 

How to Find the Right Electric Water Heater 30 Gallon

To find the right 30-gallon electric water heater, you need to consider the following:


The typical 30-gallon electric water heater specs are as follows:

  • 60 amps electric resistance heaters.

However, some electric heaters will have the following specs: 

  • 45 amps electric resistance heaters.

When choosing a 30-gallon heater, consider how much time people normally spend in a shower and how many people will be using it. 

For example, if there are only two people in your house and one takes a quick shower, then the electric water heater with 30 gallons will be enough. But if three people in your home take long showers, you might need something bigger than that electric water heater.

Price Range

The price range for this water heater ranges from $150 – $500, depending on capacity and features. 

Where to Find It? 

You can find this type of electric water heater at home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot and other electric heater retailers.

Moreover, you should consult with a professional electrician to install your electric water heating system if you don’t know how or do not wish to undertake the task yourself. 

Installation Costs

Installation costs for this water heater are typically around $500 – $700; however, this depends on the electrician and your location.

How to Install a 30-Gallon Electric Water Heater ?

First, you need to make sure that a licensed electrician installs your electric water heater. In case you decide to do it yourself, you need to pay attention to several factors.

Make sure the electric water heating system is properly grounded and wired for safety purposes. 

  • It’s essential not to use an extension cord or adapter while operating the appliance as it can affect its performance and even cause electric shock.
  • Pay attention to the automatic temperature control system. Because this will allow you to select the preferred hot water temperature using a dial. So you don’t have to do it manually. 
  • After installation, make sure not to use any extension or adapter cords while using the electric water heater.

Flow Rate

The water heater has a hot water flow rate of up to eight gallons per hour.

The more people in your household who need to shower, the bigger model you will need. Showering or bathing for long periods increases the likelihood of them doing this.

Advantages of This Water Heater

  1. The electric water heater 30-gallon is a great way to save money on your monthly utility bills
  2. The water heater is designed with a high-efficiency heating element and insulation that will keep you warm during the winter months
  3. This unit features an easy-to-read LCD screen with digital controls, as well as a timer that lets you set it to turn off after 1 hour or 8 hours
  4. If you’re looking for an affordable option for keeping your home heated this winter season, then look no further than the electric water heater 30-gallon! 
electrict water heater-30 gallon

Estimated Energy Cost

It costs about 200 dollars a year to power this water heater. It depends on how often you use it and what temperature you choose. Depending on the setting, you can choose high, medium or low. Low heat water very slowly, but it requires a bit more energy to set up your shower or bath than high heat.

How This Model Will Perform In Your Home

This heater’s capacity will be the right choice for a family of two or three who take short showers. Similarly, this electric water heating system is efficient and cost-effective. 

Average Temperatures Produced by This Water Heater 

The heater provides hot water at an average temperature of 110 degrees.

However it takes more energy to heat it up than a gas heating system, but it’s still an affordable option for keeping your home heated. Similarly, it’s more efficient than a gas heating system because its high-performance element will heat water quickly.

Average Hot Water Usage 

The heater has an average hot water usage of about 30 gallons a day. This is because it can heat water from any cold temperature to about 110 degrees Fahrenheit in only 20 minutes.

FAQs: The Electric Water Heater 30-Gallon

How Much Does This Heater Actually Cost? 

The electric water heater price is around 500 – 700 dollars. However, it depends on the electrician and your location.

How Many Real People is a 30-Gallon Water Heater Good For?

The electric water heater is good for a family of three or four people. However, if some members like long showers, you should consider buying an electric water heater of 45 gallons.

How Long Does It Take a 30-Gallon Electric Water Heater to Heat Up?

If the tank is is powered by gas then it takes 30-40 minutes, and if it runs by electricity then it takes 60-80 minutes. Tankless heaters take no time to heat up.

Do They Actually Make a 30-Gallon Water Heater? 

Yes, electric water heaters come in various sizes, such as 30 gallons,  15 gallons, and 40-gallon water heaters.

What is the Best 30-Gallon Electric Water Heater? 

This water heater is the best electric unit for your home. However, if you need to save energy, then the 15-gallon electric water heater is a better option.


 We hope you’re excited to get your hands on this electric water heater 30-gallon! It’s an affordable way to keep warm in the winter months, and it’s easy enough for anyone who needs a little help around the house.

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