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Did you know that the average household spends $1,200 on gas and electric water heaters in their lifetime? This is because old gas water heaters are inefficient and lose lots of energy. Luckily there is a solution! And How to Change a Gas Water Heater to electric, you can save up to 60% on your utility bills!

How to Change a Gas Water Heater to Electric

Well, here is how to save up to 60% on your water bills by converting from gas to electric. So for those looking to save money on their water heating bills, then this would be the best alternative. It is a very easy process, and the cost for this could run anywhere from $1000 to $2000. Overall, it will be cheaper than what you are spending now on your gas bill!

Step by step instructions

Below are the step-by-step instructions on changing the gas water heart to an electric one.

  • First, you must turn off the gas and electricity to your home. This is where a professional will come in handy as they can do this for you!
  • Once this has been done, it’s time to remove all of the old parts used on the water heater. These include things such as valves, dip tubes, and gas lines.
  • Once this is done, then you can install the new water heater system in its place. This will require a professional again as they have to work with electricity and gas when doing so!
  • You may want to hire them for additional jobs around your house, which could save more money on utilities in the long run!
  • Lastly, you can hook up the gas and electrical lines to your new water heater. Now you are ready to turn on both of them!
  • You will want to check that everything is working properly before leaving for the day or continuing with other tasks around the house. If there’re any problems, then call a professional immediately as they may be dangerous if not fixed!

You can see that this is a very simple task and doesn’t take much time at all!

How to maintain your water heater

Another common question is maintaining your gas water heater after you have converted from a natural gas model.

In order for this conversion process to work, the elements need to be sloped toward the drain of the tank and not up like they were before!

This means that if there is sediment at the bottom of it, then clean this out. You can do so by using a special tool or even an old toothbrush!

This is all you have to know about converting your gas water heater into an electric one. Now that you have the knowledge, it’s time to get started with saving money on utilities in your home!

Electric water heater tips

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when it comes to electric water heaters.

  • First, you may want to consider smaller models than what you have currently if the space is an issue.
  • Electric units tend to be much smaller, which can help free up room for other items that need it!
  • But also remember that this does mean that you will have to wait longer for the water to get hot.
  • However, if this is not a problem, then it’s always better than having no heater at all!
  • It’s also important to know how much electricity your electric model uses and whether it meets local energy consumption regulations. Keep in mind that models with higher energy ratings will cost more to purchase and run.
  • Finally, you should also know that electric heaters require a lot of maintenance than gas models do. This is because they can get rusty easily, which means it’s time for an upgrade!
  • But if the heater has been kept in good condition, then there shouldn’t be any problems with it at all!

Electric Water Heater Cost Analysis

  • The last thing to know about electric water heaters is that they can be very expensive.
  • However, you must consider the savings over time and compare this to your current gas bill costs each month.
  • It would also depend on how much hot water you use and how often. For example, if you use a lot of hot water each day for multiple showers, it will cost more money to run the heater.
  • But on the other hand, this would also depend on where your home is located as well. Some places are hotter than others which means that their gas bills tend to be higher too!

FAQs: How to Change a Gas Water Heater to Electric

How much does it cost to convert a gas water heater?

The average conversion costs $2000, but you can save up to 60% on your hydro bills.

When will I see the savings?

After you install your new water heater, it can take up to two years for you to see the full savings of your conversion.

What is a hybrid hot water heater?

A Hybrid Hot Water Heater has both an electric and a gas element. This means that you can choose which heats your water, saving even more money!


With the cost of natural gas and electric water heaters rising, it’s more important than ever to consider switching your old inefficient hot water heater. As we mentioned before, installing an electric tankless water heater is a great idea if you want to save up to 60% on utility bills!

This is because they are extremely efficient and require less energy usage throughout their lifetime – which means lower costs for you. If you’re interested in making this switch or have any other questions about our services, feel free to get in touch with us today.

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