How to Turn off Electric Water Heater? Water Heater Shutdown Procedures!

Well if you have a hot water heater and you are feeling clueless regarding how to turn it off, be absolutely relaxed! Because we are here to do that job for you as we have come up this steps through careful research and expert guidance. Doesn’t matter if your water heater needs some sort of repairmen or you are planning on to go for a long vacation and your heater needs to turn off for that. Whatever you need might be, following the given steps will surely to turn that heater off!!

So, here we are with guidance for turning down an electric water heater. If you follow the below steps, then you should be good to go-

There are five steps for properly shutting down an electric hot water heater:

1. Shut off the power source.2. Tag the breaker to avoid harm.3. Cool down the water inside of the tank.4. Shut off the cold water supply to the hot water tank.

  • Shut off the power source: Generally water heaters consist of two pole breakers. So, at first, you should turn off the power at the circuit of your broker panel. The breaker should be either located the main circuit breaker panel or, less often, near the heater itself.
  • Tag the Breaker: Tag the circuit breaker and lock it off. So, you must inform all who has access to the panel that the circuit is being worked on. Now, put the tape over the turned off breaker panel and label it with “Do Not Turn On”. The reason is that it will work as a safety precaution and save from any sort of unwanted accident.
  • Cool the Hot Water: Meanwhile, cool off the water in tank, before you start working on it. Because of power being turned off, the tank itself wouldn’t be heated. Now, turn on a faucet in one of the sinks, to cool down the water temperature.
  • When the water feels warm enough to touch, it would be safe to work on the tank. Give the tank an hour or so, to use it again for anything that needs hot water, such as laundry or shower etc. Seems clear to you!
  • Shut off the cold water supply: During working on the hot water tank, make sure to shut the cold supply. If your water heater has two valves above it, find out which one is cold supply line.In case you need to run some hot water, touching the pipes will help you determine whether it’s cool or hot. The hot water inlet, will be after running hot water through it.Turn on the hot water in the faucet and tag the cold water valve. It helps you to know which one needs to be shut off. Until then, wait the water to come inside the tank and gets cooled off so that you can turn the water off.Following these steps carefully, will ensure the turning off your electric water heater. Make sure to follow the cautions mentioned in the steps to avoid any harm.

How to Turn off Gas Hot Water Heater

There are the few steps you should follow to turn off your gas hot water heater-

1. Turn the gas valve control to pilot mode.2.Turn the gas completely off.3. Cool down the water inside of the tank.4. Shut off the cold water supply to the hot water tank.5. Open a hot water faucet.

  • Setting Gas Valve control to Pilot mode: Your water heater’s gas valve should be located just above the burner chamber at the bottom of your water heater. From three main setting – “on”, “pilot” and “off” option, you should turn the “Pilot” option on. By doing this, you will shut the gas off to the burner.Avoid doing this, if you have to work on the burner assembly or the gas line. Remember, it should only be done, if you are draining the tank or have to work on the water line.
  • Turning the Gas OFF: The next step is to turn the gas valve to “OFF”. Now, at first, turn the ball valve to 90 degree, until the handle is perpendicular to the type. Because of this, the gas valve will shut off and turn off gas supply and you can work on the water heater safely.
  • Cool down the Water: Through one of many fixtures, run enough water till the water turns warm enough for touching. Don’t mix cold water to it. Because, the cold water running in the tank will reduce temperature. After water is cooled down, work can be done safely on the water heater.
  • Shutoff the Cold Water Supply: Now, turn off the cold water supply, only after making sure that the water is off.
  • Open a Hot Water Faucet: To prevent air lock in the water heater, you should open a hot water faucet. The reason is that without an open faucet, you cannot drain the water tank.

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Drain the tank: Draining the tank should be on the instruction manual of your hot gas water heater. Obviously, you should drain the tank, in case you can’t use the water heater for many days.

final word

Following the above mentioned steps should help you to get your desired outcome of turning the gas hot water heater. But be sure to be cautious, while doing work.

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