Kenmore Water Heater Reviews

Winter season is knocking at the door. Soo, there will be snowfall. So, the water temperature, like every other temperature, will fall to minus. Touching water for everyday work in such chilly weather is such a bummer.

You cannot go days without showering or cleaning dishes. To end the frostbite from cold water, the water heaters are a must-have. Even in winter-based countries, it is something to go for throughout the year.

Purchasing a water heater is no easy task if you want a long-lasting one with high quality. Kenmore is a well-known brand in the zone of the water heater (and other electric devices). Here go some Kenmore water heater reviews:

Different Types of Kenmore Water Heaters:

Every brand that offers water heater has these three major types of the heater in their collection. Kenmore is no exception to that. People can go with any one of these they are aware of which one suits their choice best.

Before getting one, it is imperative to the features and facilities each of them has to offer. Here are reviews about the three basic types of water heater Kenmore has brought to the market:

Electric Water Heater:

Kenmore makes one of the best electric water heaters brands, to begin with. These are highly efficient water heaters for the way it has been designed. Although electric water heaters cost more than gas water heaters, it endorses the house with its facilities.

But Kenmore has done an amazing job at cutting the cost even for an electric water heater. These are not only budget-friendly but provides maximum heat retention to keep the water coldness free.

The feature that has made it all possible is the three-inch-thick foam that prevents heat loss. It also makes the device very much energy efficient. So, even after electricity as a running mechanism, it does not lose as much heat as other devices.

Some areas have lots of impunities in their water. Most of them are salt, limescale, sodium, and whatnot. The problem with such impunities is that they are harmful to the skin and the machines they go through.

From the water heater to the dishwasher, everything can be damaged by these. But the Kenmore water heater has Cobalt blue glass lining protects against rust. It also has a cold-water inlet through which water gets inside the tank to be transferred into hot water.

Gas and Propane Water Heater:

If anyone is looking for a budget-friendly service from a water heater, then Kenmore gas eater heaters are doing the job they promise. They may not be as efficient as the electric ones since giving away technologies at a lesser price. Despite that, the service is very satisfying.

It has all the significant features all the other Kenmore water heaters have to offer. From corrosion-resistant to high heat retention, you name it, and the heater provides it. The cold-water inlet has a self-protecting mechanism that keeps the water sedimentation free.

The main difference between it with the electric one is that it runs on natural gas. This material does a splendid job in energy saving. Nowadays, we are in a world that has been losing energy in the façade of modern technology. Kenmore has been lessening that burden so far so well.

The high-end models have an extra protective mechanism by ultra-high cobalt blue lining. Using this will feel almost like you will not be needing an extra in-house water filter. All the models of Kenmore are available in the nearest Sears outlet.

Hybrid Water Heater:

Just like every other brand, Kenmore has brought its one special device to rule them all. The hybrid water heater is an amazing amalgamation of the gas and electric ones. It stands out from most other products due to its compression mechanism, just like those used in the refrigerator.

It provides a high-class facility but at a very lower price than the electric ones. Unlike the electric water heater, it is not heavy on the electric bills. It also lessens the carbon footprint. So, Kenmore is providing a splendid product, all while taking care of the environment.

It functions by a heat pump that runs by electricity. The pump helps in trapping heat from the environment into the tank. It has a remote monitoring and control system that is accessible through the Kenmore app.

It has a self-protective mechanism due to it was designed. It provides different amounts of water according to the model. But none of them are less than 50-gallon. All of these models can be easily available in Sears.

Some Inconveniences:

Just like any other device, Kenmore comes with its disadvantages. Although the brand is thriving to get rid of those, customers may fall victim to such problems in rare instances. Kenmore water heater reviews are incomplete without mentioning these.

  • One of the biggest complaints that are heard from the customers is its water leakage. Since it is an electric device, and water leakage can be difficult to get away and repair. Due to its intricate structure, it’s not easy to fix it in person as well.
  • Although the product comes with 12 years of warranty, it did not last for more than six years in rare instances. It is pitiful for the people who thought they can get a decade before replacing it but had to get a refund sooner instead.


In this age of the internet, it is not easy to find pertinent information loaded articles that will drive you to your ultimate goal. Getting to know about technical stuff is even more difficult due to all the scatteredness.

One of the easiest ways is to look for the review’s customers to give about a product after buying it. Most of the time, these are the real-life pros and cons. So, you can get an idea about what you are getting into.

This article’s motto was also for providing Kenmore water heater reviews so that you get the highest number of details about both the brand and the product.