Best Water Heater Brands In 2020 [Choose The Best Brand]

Water heater is one of the most crucial appliance that one needs, since it  consumes 20% of a home’s energy cost, it’s very important to select a reliable and efficient heater among many. But choosing a suitable heater from many brand can be tricky and many a times an overwhelming job. So, we have come up with some of the best water heater brands, to lessen your headache and ensure that you have a relaxing buying experience. Our gathered brands are in the top list among consumer choice, due to their multi-attributes such as-innovation, durability, efficiency, functional smoothness etc. 

1. Rheem Water Heater

Rheem Manufacturing Company is an American company which produces water heaters and boilers, heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment’s.With the mission statement of “help your family enjoy a new degree of comfort with solutions that keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter and enjoying hot water year-round.”, this company was established in 1925.

The amazing thing about this brand is their reputation. They have been operating for nearly 100 years and  are considered as a market leader in particularly water heater production niche. With headquarter being in Atlanta, Rheem internationally operates in 14 countries and it is the largest manufacturer of water heating products in North America.

Usually the firm produces water heaters in many sizes, with different features and warranties. Among their diversified product lines for water heaters, Rheem's tankless water remains distinctively in demand in the market. The premium brands of Rheem in water heater include Richmond, EcoSmart, Rheem, and Ruud.

More to the point, tankless water heaters that they are manufacturing require very little maintenance cost. Due to its application mechanism, this brand gained immense popularity among consumers. If you are looking to buy energy efficient and durable tankless water heater, Rheem would be your best choice.

2. A. O. Smith Water Heater

A. O. Smith Corporation manufactures their high quality products for both commercial and residential end consumers and are one of the largest US Company. The inception year of firm was in 1874 and headquarter is situated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Their water heaters are sold exclusively by their wholesalers and contractors and product features and attributes range from hybrid, solar to high-efficient gas tank water heaters.

Diversified in product quality and price, A. O. Smith's brand is highly energy efficient and has a really fast recovery rate, which keeps them on top when it comes to reliability metric. Especially, they  focus on innovation and durability of their product.

A.O. Smith’s water heaters remain on top list choice among consumer due to brand value and performance factor of the product itself.

3. Bradford White Water Heater

Bradford White Corporation is also an American company, which is in the market frontier line for producing variety of space heating and water heating equipment. This company produces the highest quality water heating products both gas and electric that dominates the market.

Bradford White's brand products are a bit costlier in comparison to similar products from other brands. They are distinguished themselves from others in terms of durability and energy efficient , which saves the money of the users.

However, the company sells their product through wholesale distributors channel. Therefore, it’s hard to find out real in-depth review from users. Their heater also needs to be installed by professional installer expert and only then a user can get warranty for their product and it is given for 10 years or more. Besides, the only downside is their pricing is too high in comparison to others.

4. Kenmore Water Heater

Kenmore is one of the most trusted brands in the US and their water heater appliances are really the top notches. Kenmore made products are produced in variety types such as- electric, hybrid heat pump, natural gas etc. They produce these diverse range of products to cater the diversified needs of their market segment. This is to be mentioned here that A. O.  Smith is the parent company of Kenmore which is the different in branding.

Their products successfully passed the reliable metric and provide 6-12 years warranty period. Due to their reputation for being reliable, consumers might check this brand while considering to buy water heaters.

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5. GE GeoSpring Water Heater

GeoSpring Hybrid Water Heater are the first of its kind was launched in US since 2014. It is the most popular heat pump water heater in US market due to some of its amazing quality.

Water heaters are one of the most energy consuming appliances at home. It is liable for 17% of a house’s total energy cost. GeoSpring water heaters from General Electric took this competitive advantage of this particular factor and their heaters consume much less energy than its contemporary brands.  They can save a household up to almost $490 depending on the gallon size.

General Electric focus to fill the gap for consumer to find energy efficient water heaters that set them apart from many other brands. Since Haier bought GE, the GE appliances stopped producing water heaters, so the existing water heaters were produced before the transaction happened. Environmentally friendly and energy consumption conscious consumers seek out this hybrid brand. 

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6. Bosch Water Heater

Bosch is one of largest supplier of miter saw, security systems, household appliances, water heating systems and many more. They have gained market respect and reputation through their commitment towards quality and innovation.

Their brand value, loyalty and commitment to their loyal clients surely is surprising as they consider them as their own family. Bosch water heater is highly recommended by professional contractors. Due to their vast experiences for last 125 years, they have become a very trustworthy and dependable brand in the market.

The firm mainly produces tankless water heaters and they are very reputed due to its durability, reliability and longevity factors. Their commitment towards performance and sustainability helped them in producing top notch quality water heaters. That’s why, they can confidently provide more warranties than their counterparts.

Best Water Heater Buying Guide Factors

Energy Efficiency

In case of water heaters, the energy efficiency or effectiveness depends on the capacity and fuel type of this particular product. Comparatively, tankless water heaters tend to be more energy efficient. For determining energy efficiency, it’s imperative to look at the energy star rating of the brands.

Flow rate

The flow rate of a water heater determines how much access the user will have to hot water. While buying it, it’s better to buy the ones which have high water flow.

Anti-scale devices

Water heater with anti-scale devices can prevent mineral and sediment build-up issues, thus ensuring higher durability. So, it’s important to look for ones which have anti-scale devices.


Size comes with weight issue as well. So it’s important to choose model that will fit in where you want to install it.


Water heaters with strong construction will have lesser corrosion thus increasing the durability. So, choose models that have high construction with corrosion resistant interior.


Warranty is the most serious issue while choosing models for water heaters. If the chosen model have maintenance or damage issue, having longer warranty will ensure that you are protected for longer time.

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Final Verdict

If you love hot water showers and love to have a great time after considering the overall usage and performance aspects of water heaters, then the above mentioned brands can come across as your knight in shining armor. They will end up eliminating your nagging worry issue about energy consumption and overall performance factors. Depending on the choice criteria, these brands definitely deserves to be in the choice list.

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