How Long Does Patio Heater Propane Tank Last: 5 Ways to Keep the Heater Going?

How long does a patio heater propane tank last? This is a type of question that many people have. Propane tanks are an important part of the patio heater as they provide fuel for the flames to keep you warm outside in winter. Or cool at night during those hot summer months.

Many factors determine how long your propane tank will last. So let’s take a look at some things you can do to extend its lifespan and keep your heating costs down!

How Long Does Patio Heater Propane Tank Last

A Patio Heater Propane Tank typically lasts about 24 hours. Your propane tank may last longer than 24 hours, depending on what kind of patio heater you have and how often you use it. Then there are a few simple things that you can do to help prolong its life:

Take Care Of the Tank & Handle It with Care

Always ensure that the tank has room to breathe and is not placed in direct sunlight. Always disconnect the hose from your tank after using it. Then store it inside where it cannot get damaged or stolen.

When transporting a propane tank, make sure that the valve on top of the tank is closed. Otherwise, there may be leaks that can damage both your equipment (if used) and your home.

Don’t Overfill the Tank

You mustn’t overfill the tank as this can cause damage to both it and your patio heater. It can cause leaks or even an explosion which could result in serious injury! We recommended that only a quarter of the propane tank be in use at any one time. To ensure the best safety practice and to make sure your tank lasts as long as possible.

Use Low-Pressure Propane Tanks

When purchasing a patio heater, try to find one that requires low-pressure propane tanks (typically those with valves between 20-30 PSI). These types of tanks tend to heat up faster than high-pressure models, which also help to keep you warmer for longer.

You can refill Propane Tanks 

If your propane tank is empty, then you can use a local gas supplier to refill it. Or even yourself if they offer this as one of their services! If the cost of buying new tanks becomes too expensive, then why not do what many others have chosen and get yours refilled?

Use a Patio Heater Cover  

When Not in Use, a patio heater cover can help to keep your equipment in good working order. If you keep it undercover, you will prevent the risk of corrosion. And also, ensure that any debris which rains down on top doesn’t get into the fuel tank, causing more problems than you may be able to fix!

How to refill the tank correctly?

A common question about propane tanks is how to refill them. There are various factors you should take into consideration, such as the size of the tank and its BTU capacity. Not all gas suppliers can offer this service, so it’s best to call first before making a trip out there.

  • If you buy your own hose, make sure that it matches the size of the tank you have. You can find a chart that shows how to do this on many propane suppliers’ websites.
  • Depending on the model, some gas grills or patio heaters don’t need a complete shutdown when refilling them. For example, with Coleman brand tanks, you’re supposed to turn the handle (but not all the way) to relieve pressure.
  • Never overfill your tank, which is why it’s best to have an already full one on hand in case you’re running low. When refilling, follow these steps:
  • Turn off the gas knob at the top of the tank before disconnecting or reconnecting any valves.
  • Disconnect the regulator hose.
  • Attach your propane tank’s filler nozzle to the refill valve on top of the tank, and turn it so that it locks in place. Then open up your gas supply by turning on its knob (don’t overdo this either). Ensure that there are no flames nearby when doing this step because you could get burned.
  • Open the valve on your propane tank completely, which will start filling it with gas. Check the pressure gauge to see what level of pounds per square inch (PSI) you are getting for optimal performance out of your grill or heater unit.
  • Once full, close the supplied knob and disconnect your hose’s nozzle from the tank’s filler valve.
  • If you’ve any questions about how to refill your propane grill or heater, call a gas supplier for assistance!

 FAQs: How long does Patio Heater Propane Tank last

How frequently should you refill your propane tank?

A patio heater propane tank typically lasts around 24 hours. If yours doesn’t, then it can be refilled by a local gas supplier.

Is it safe to overfill my propane tank?

No, you should never fill your patio heater more than a quarter of the way up. This can cause damage to both the tank and your equipment.

When should I replace my propane tank?

If you find that a new propane tank only lasts for a day or less, then it may be time to change your equipment. This can also happen if you find that there is a leak or your tank has corrosion.


When it is about your propane tank, you want to make sure that you are using this fuel as efficiently as possible. It’s important for homeowners and landscapers alike, so be sure to consider these factors before deciding on a patio heater!

This way, you can enjoy the warmth or cool breeze of an outdoor setting without breaking the bank. What is something else that homeowners should do when determining how long their propane tanks will last? Let us know in the comments below!

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