Tankless Water Heater Pros And Cons| 10 Advantages & Disadvantages

Imagine a day without taking a soothing bath right after a hard day’s work. Many people may think this is impossible and so do we. Water heaters, on the other hand, plays a vital role in heating up your water. Doing all your household work required hot water all the time. Nobody wants to catch a cold or want to take a bath in any chilling situation. But regular water, for example, may consume a lot of space and energy. Choosing a tankless water heater is a good decision. Why? Do you ask? Today we are going to highlight on the tankless water heater pros and cons.

Main advantages of the tankless water heaters

The tankless water heater comes with both the advantage and disadvantages. What are the main advantages? Let’s find them out.

  • Can be wall mounted and saves space

A water heater with a storage option always consumes more space. On the other hand, electric best tankless water tank consumes a little space. Everybody doesn’t have a lot of space in their home. Day by day residential spaces is shrinking. So, it is reasonable for one to look for a smaller sized water heater. Why worry? The tankless water heater is a perfect choice. The size of the water heater is relatively smaller than the regular water heater. Not just that, mounting the heater on the wall is easy.

  • Operation process

A tankless water heater will operate when one needs hot water. Regular water heater stores the water and keeps them warm. But the tankless water heater will heat the water for you when you need it.

  • Energy savings

One thing for sure, tankless water can save a ton of energy for you. Whether it uses gas or electricity to operate, the appliance will consume less energy. Above we mentioned that regular water heater comes with storage option and after storing the heater keeps the water warm. But this increases energy consumption. But another thing is that tankless water heater will save 40% of your energy spending’s annually.

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  • Long term service

Another great advantage of the tankless water heater is that you will get long term service out of it. Using the tankless water heater for at least 20 years is not of a big deal. Maintenance may be a little costly, but there is no issue whatsoever.

  • Secure and safe

Safety is one of the key advantages of the tankless water heater. The user is always satisfied with the safety issue. One uses the heater right at the moment of need. So, there should not be any additional risk of the heater getting leakage or storage problem.

  • Reliable

Tankless water heaters are always reliable. Unlike traditional water heaters, there are no storage options. So, there is no limitation in heating the water. Usually, getting 7 gallons of water is easy.

The main disadvantage of the tankless water heaters

After talking about all the good sides, negative marking is also important. Now we are going to highlight them.

  • Upfront cost

This is always the biggest disadvantage of the tankless water heater. This appliance will cost twice than any conventional water heater. Standard water heaters will cost around $600. But a tankless water heater will always cost around $1300 at least. The costing is quite huge.

After that, the installation and repair cost is a matter that comes into light. The appliance always requires good ventilation and connection pipes cost more than conventional pipes. So, the cost is way more than you think. With all this in mind, keeping the cost at a lower case is quite impossible.

  • For hard water areas

In some places, water is hard. In that case, a water softener device should be installed. This also sums up the cost.

  • Complicated tool

The tankless water heater is a complicated tool. One can easily fix the common issues of the regular water heater. But when it comes to the tankless water heater, it is complicated. How much? Professional plumbers are required to solve these issues. Different manufacturer comes with different policies. So, it is easily notable that the construction process is also different. To solve the problem, you need to pay a good sum of money to the official plumbers from the manufacturing industry.

  • Maintenance

Maintenance of the tankless water is always a big disadvantage. It must be flushed and cleaned regularly. Doing so, you can expect your heaters prolong life. Not just that, you need to change the filters on a regular basis, keep all the system drained. Maintaining it is always important for you.

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Some Questions

Q. How much money can I save using tankless water heater?

You can save a ton of energy using the tankless water heater. Well, a tankless water heater is relatively smaller and has a lot of advantages. But maintenance and the upfront cost are always a bit too much. Still, this will save up to 40% energy. Energy savings means fewer bills.

Q. Can I install the tankless water heater anywhere in the house?

Yes, you can install the tankless water heater, anywhere in the house. The appliance consumes less space. Wall mounting is possible and you can install the device anywhere in the house. Unlike conventional water heater, tankless water heater comes with this main advantage so that smaller houses can store the water heater.

And Finally…

Tankless water heaters have both advantages and disadvantages. Come to think of it, the appliance is getting popular day by day. Probably the reason is that houses are getting smaller. So, a smaller appliance can always help. The main advantages of the tankless water heater are always energy savings, reliability, housing option, long time service and many more. But the upfront costs are not low either. It will cost you a lot of money on maintenance. Even after knowing all this, we cannot deny the fact that this is a great appliance for one’s home.

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