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Each year 80,000 brand new houses are put together in California. Maybe you are the lucky one among that 80,000 owners at this year, also are cope with several issues like a tiny thing, for example, water heater.

As a newbie, it’s common to strive with that small-scaled water heater thing since you are investing the last drop of water at lifetime dream. To reduce that burn in a stable measure our team headed up to research on few water heater brands.

Then, they came up with a review named “Bradford white water heater” which will help you to take an effective decision for the welfare of a new house. So let’s cut the edge:

Early Story OF Bradford White Water Heater:

To influence an accord, history plays a very crucial role. For that reason, here is a short story we have covered- Back in 1881 they were known as Pennsylvania Range Boiler and used to produce pressure vessel.

Through that production procedure, a significant improvement had noticed by the owner. Therefore, on 1968 decided to transform into Bradford Appliance Corporation from Pennsylvania Range Boiler.

With that new identity, the company had motivated to make new innovation then finally invented power vented water heating appliance in 1985 by merging with the White product. This is why people keep their faith on 138 years old experienced water heater manufacturing company.

Types of Product:

Another considerable standard an owner sees is the type of product at in manufacturer storage and their characteristics, to respect that consideration following segments are described:

First of all, we have found various type of product in Bradford white’s inventory but choose the best type for the house, corporate and industry owner. Thus the product comes in two types one is tank type another is tank-less.

Again, the aforesaid types have come in two more flavors: one is Propane and Gas, second is Electric and all the flavors reflect their energy efficiency, rust resistance, and concept very precisely. To get the concept clearer, let’s take an individual look over the two flavors:

Electric water heater:

Bradford Electric heaters are very dynamic and budget-friendly because the manufacturer has successfully got the sea legs by implementing Vitraglas lining and self-moving control technology for generating hot water quickly.

Propane and Gas:

In spite of being a pioneer of gas based water heater inventor, they did not stop from keeping them ahead for getting the advantage in market position. Maybe that’s the reason behind using ICON technology to control the use of hot water.

In brief, the technology uses a microprocessor to supervise and operate the heater, also has various user-friendly software like FHD (first-hour delivery) system, brilliant diagnosis system, heat controlling system, and pilot on indication system. Through these systems, one can smoothly run the heater.

Tank and Tank-less type:

Beginning of the type discussion, we have mentioned two major types Tank and Tank-less but it was skipped because the sub features are same inside of both water heaters yet there is difference which is found chiefly in the tank-less water heater.

Since there is no tank the size is pretty small and easy to set anywhere as well as has flow switch that turns online when the waters are drawn, in addition, it can save a large amount of electricity.

 Safety option: 

Next option that every buyer wants is safety option, in fact, they emphasize over this, by thinking of the priority, Bradford white discovered their signature ScreenLok Technology to protect fire accident, and it is patented.

Additional options and facilities:

Besides the safety protection, Bradford White are also ensured some more facilities and options for the users, for your convenience, important key points are focusing below so that one can prepare for to take the decision at a glance.

Key points:

  • Bradford white awarded as the best energy efficient device by Energy Star seal for meeting the energy efficient law measure.
  • To ensure the long lasting capacity they have installed Scale reduction system for removing lime scale build up in tank-less heater.
  • Also they provide 24/7 service through expert engineers.
  • As well as they produce Solar system type water tank.
  • Hydrojet2 technology used to stop growing sediment.
  • For the gas based heater, they also have developed 3 different type technology, they are: Eco friendly model which has low NOX emission rate, Power ventilate model with high thermal efficiency, direct ventilated model that specially designed for home use.
  • With various patented automation they are able to ensure most advanced innovation for their existing and new user.

Applications to choose a water heater:

  • Budgets and fuel type which depends on the range and choice.
  • Size measurement according to the location.
  • Checking the energy efficiency.
  • Justify the water heater standard according to NAECA 3 regulation.
  • Supervise the groundwater temperature so that you can balance with the heater.
  • Warranty option for the heater.
  • Durability of the water heater.

If the applications are considered before buying, then the buyer will get an ultimate advantage from the heater. Moreover, the user can help another fresh owner to buy an ideal product. In fact, this hard copy wants to create that option for you too. That’s why our team analyzed a vast amount of questions from owner to knowledge seeker and they decided to share some of the portion with us.

Some important FAQ

How many water heaters are sold each year in US?

– 9 million water heaters are sold each year.

Does Bradford white follow NAECA regulation?

– Yes, they completely follow the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act even they have brought major change according to the new NAECA amendment.

Does the Bradford White UEF certify?

– Yes, they are.


By answering the questions from the various user and knowledge seeker, finally, our team is able to write Bradford white water heater review to give a precise and summarize the idea that will help you to buy the desired product. So let us know the outcome.

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